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So as I have mentioned in my first blog post – I briefly told you guys about me being taken by a very beautiful girl named Zoe Baker – in this blog post I just wanted to delve a little deeper into what it’s like being in a long distance relationship

I’m gonna admit now and I have admitted this in my first blog post I did – being in a long distant relationship is hard and it’s different to being in a normal relationship because you can’t always see each other in person every day that’s the first obstacle, the second obstacle is you can’t kiss or cuddle each other – or comfort each other when you are sad or upset about something

Me and Zoe have been in a long distant relationship for five months and a half (at the time of writing this post) and we are very happy and we are a very strong couple – we’ve both had bad relationships in the past and we both know what it’s like to be cheated on and we are both looking for the same thing – someone who’s loyal and would never dream on cheating on one another. Me and Zoe are very happy together and we are proud to call each other “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”

Before me and Zoe got in this long distant relationship we were friend online for two years and they have been an amazing two years – because in that space of time we have got to know each other as friends and we have grow really close in that time and helped and supported each other in the space of two years as well

So you’re probably wondering how long distant this relationship that me and Zoe have is? Well Zoe lives in Walsall which is about an hour away from Birmingham and I live in Bournemouth which is in the South Coast of the UK – and that’s about a 4 hour train journey apart from each other – me and Zoe have made this long distant relationship shop work over the last five and a half months because every two months so far when we started dating, Zoe has been coming down to Bournemouth to see me

I can’t believe the fact that there is actually someone out there who is willing to get a train and spend four hours of their day travelling down to see me here in Bournemouth – To be honest if Walsall was a nice place and had loads of things to do there other than the town centre hen sure I would visit Zoe in Walsall but Zoe does prefer getting the train down here in Bournemouth because there’s loads more to do here like beach, cinema, bowling, loads of restaurants to choose from and to go to, and there is loads of shopping centres and beautiful scenery’s to explore too and that is why Zoe prefers seeing me here in Bournemouth rather than me seeing her in Walsall because she says it’s like a “mini holiday” for her – I don’t know maybe one day I will visit Zoe in Walsall it just depends on what the future holds and whether & would like to go to Walsall in the future

There is another reason how me and Zoe have managed to keep this long distant relationship going and that’s by video calling each other whether that’s through WhatsApp or through Facebook Messenger me and Zoe always stay in contact with each other every day and every time we do video call we do kiss each other through the phone and we do say that we love each other every time we video call too and we have also shown love for each other on social media by posting cute photos of us together with a long caption (sort of a paragraph saying how much we love each other and how we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us both)

Me and Zoe normally video call for about an hour to an hour and a half every three to four hours a day – we have a catch up about what we have both been up to since we last spoke to each other and then there’s the soppy part of the video call where we say to each other how much we’ve missed one another and how much we love each other – honestly our video calls are so cute sometimes!!!

FIRST TIME MEETING (April 2018): Me and Zoe met for the first time ever in April 2018 – we met on Friday 27th April 2018 until Monday 30th April 2018 and it was such an amazing and romantic weekend that we had together – I’m not gonna lie but we were both so nervous to meet each other because we didn’t know what to expect and how we would both act in person – after all we had been talking online for two years and now was the time for us to meet for the first time in person and whilst being in a relationship as well

We had a great weekend though – we laughed, we cried, we made jokes together and more importantly we made the start of so many happy memories together which I’m glad about – I’m also glad that we got on really well after the first hour of meeting each other and that the nerves went away after the first hour too

During that weekend me and Zoe went to he cinema to see Avengers: Infinity War, we also went to Poole Quay and also to Bournemouth Beach as well as The Amusements as well (at this point I found out that Zoe was a machine when it came to putting 2p coins in the 2p coin machine) I also showed Zoe a shopping centre called Castlepoint which I always talked about before we met for the first time in person – we also enjoyed having breakfast dates in the morning together which was so nice and we couldn’t wait to do it again – we also started planning Zoe’s next visit to Bournemouth which was in June 2018

THE SECOND MEETING: The second meeting took place on June 25th until June 29th 2018 – this time the second meeting in person was slightly longer and much more special – so the second visit was slightly longer because Zoe came down for four days the first time we met and the second time we met she came down for five days meaning I had an extra day with the love of my life which I did enjoy

It was also a special visit because the second visit, Zoe met my family – she met my mum and my sister along with my sisters boyfriend and JayJay as well – I was really happy because the rest of my family got on really well with Zoe and they all met her during a BBQ that my sister was holding one evening whilst she was here

Zoe met my mum three times during the five days she stayed with me in Bournemouth – she first met my mum during our family BBQ that we had at my sisters house – she then met my mum again after we had our first ever romantic dinner date (which I’ll get to in a moment) and then she met my mum again on the Friday before she had to go home as I had to work unfortunately for a few hours and because my mum was off work on holiday that day she decided that she would look after Zoe whilst I went to work for five hours

We did a lot of things together during our second time meeting we went to Bournemouth beach a lot because whilst Zoe was down for the week the UK was having a really nice heatwave – which wasn’t good for me or Zoe because there was one point t during the week where I got sunburnt all over my arms and then Zoe was getting heatstroke because she kept going all light headed and kept getting headaches whilst being out in the sun but we did enjoy a couple of double scoop ice creams together near the beach (pictured above) and we also enjoyed having a family BBQ as it gave my family the chance to meet the girl that I have been speaking to online for two years – it also gave Zoe the chance to meet my family

Me and Zoe also went for our first romantic dinner date at Toby Carvery as well which was so nice and the food was absolutely delicious me and Zoe both went for a king size meal and I know that what I’m about to say next is controversial but Zoe said that she would pay for the Carvery which was so nice of her to do and I did say to her at the time that if she paid for this Carvery then I would pay for the next Carvery when she visits me next time

Toby Carvery dinner

Zoe at Toby Carvery

I will tell you something that did make me laugh – on our way to Toby Carvery Zoe tripped up on a rock and fell into a bush and to be honest I did make sure she was ok but I did laugh so hard – it was funny the fact I was holding her hand and she nearly took me down with her

Also during Zoe’s five day visit we went shopping around Bournemouth Town Centre I also had my first Shakeaway and Sprinkles with Zoe (Zoe also gave me a heart attack as she has a nut allergy and the gelato that she had, had nuts in it and her throat started swelling up but luckily she didn’t eat that many nuts which was lucky otherwise she would have been hospitalised) we also went to Poole Quay as well which Zoe brands as her favourite place and we also went to Oceanariums as well which we both enjoyed and we join brought gifts for one another as well

THE THIRD MEETING: Me and Zoe are meeting again on August 6th until August 10th 2018 – we do have a lot planned already and I will be doing a Blog post about our week together on August 11th – I will be updating the blog post each evening whilst we are together – including what we did on each day – so I’ll be updating the blog post throughout the week before publishing it on August 11th 2018


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