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Hello everyone welcome to this new blog post on my blogging website today I will be talking about the new Insta and Twitter page called The Geeky Steve – this idea actually came to me over the weekend while I was at work funnily enough

So on Saturday (23rd January) I was at work and I was thinking to myself I would like to do my own page where I would post all sorts of things that’s got to do with Marvel, Star Wars, Gaming, TV & Film, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BritBox and Disney+ all in one place. So over the weekend I sat down and decided to create this page – at first I only did an Instagram account for this social media channel but then I decided on Saturday night to create a Twitter account as well so for those who don’t use Instagram but use Twitter can follow the account on Twitter

So as I have mentioned in this blog post a lot of geeky content will be released on this social media channel – so take a look at what’s ahead on the channel


I have loads of Marvel content being released on this channel – I will every Monday be talking about the latest episode of Wandavision (that’s now streaming on Disney+) giving you my thoughts and opinions on that each week – and letting you know the questions that need to be answered from the series (so far there’s quite a few) also I will be doing various reviews on weekly episode of Falcon & The Winter Soldier, Loki, Hawkeye, Ms Marvel & many more Marvel series that will be arriving on Disney+ when it does arrive

I will also from time to time post some Marvel content memes that I may have found online as well


I never used to be a fan of Star Wars not until a couple of years ago before Rise Of Skywalker was released in cinemas so before I went and watched that in the cinemas I sat down and watched the Skywalker Saga and I must say it was absolutely fantastic and I also loved how the Skywalker saga ended as well – if you are interested in watching all the Star Wars films they are available to watch on Disney+ right now

I also loved The Mandalorian as well (there’s two seasons available to watch on Disney+ right now) and I think that also made me fall in love with Star Wars a little bit more ( I really love Baby Yoda who is now known as Grogu in the series)

But going back to the Geeky Steve Insta and Twitter page though and this will also be the place where you’ll find Star Wars content as soon as more Star Wars movies or series comes to Disney+ or the cinemas then I will be reviewing it (I believe the next series coming to Disney+ is either The Bad Batch or The Book Of Boba Fett)

Just like Marvel I will also post some Star Wars related memes that I have found online on the accounts as well


I absolutely love TV shows – they are amazing and there are some amazing TV show right now (we have The Masked Singer UK and Dancing On Ice) and very soon we will have more amazing TV shows on as well including Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway (really looking forward to watching that on a weekly basis)

I will be each Monday revealing the contestants who have been voted off Dancing On Ice or The Masked Singer UK until the series has ended and I will also announce more shows you can expect to see on BBC, ITV etc. as soon as they are announced

Also what I will add here is I will also be posting about the shows that I have been binge watching and giving you my thoughts and opinions on them as well


I absolutely love movies – I love going to the cinema and watching movies I love sitting at home and watching movies and I love finding out more about upcoming movies that will be released later in the year etc. So on The Geeky Steve I will be updating you on all the latest Movie news as well as release dates for upcoming movies as soon as I find out the details myself

The same with the TV binges I will also be letting you know about some of the movies I have been watching and if there are some movies that I have never seen before then J will give you my thoughts and opinions on it


The Geeky Steve will also see some posts about gaming whether this is to do with Xbox or Nintendo it will be published on both Instagram and Twitter pages – I will also be posting some gaming memes as well as updating you on the latest releases made available for Xbox and Nintendo owners

Also as soon as I get a brand new game for either Nintendo Switch or Xbox One I will also use the platforms to post my reviews on the game as well


This will also be the place where I will talk about Disney+ whether that’s brand new posters for movies or TV series coming to the streaming service or giving you reviews on new movies or series I have watched – this will be the place where I’ll talk all things Disney+ and what with a new sixth tile coming to Disney+ on February 23rd 2021 in the form of Star I will be keeping you all updated with brand new titles that will be released on that as well


The Geeky Steve Insta and Twitter pages will also be provide you with updates in terms of what’s new to the streaming platform and give you updates on any upcoming Prime Originals or Prime Exclusives thats coming to the streaming platform too


I will say that not a lot of content will be published about BritBox on the two social media channels I have for The Geeky Steve however I will keep you guys updated on what’s new coming to the streaming platform each week and if there are shows that I have watched via the streaming platform that I wanna give my thoughts and views on it then I will let you know


I have so much content coming up from Netflix it’s unbelievable – I would probably say that Netflix and Disney+ are gonna be the two main streaming platforms that The Geeky Steve will be focusing on quite heavily like I said earlier on the blog post you have Star coming to Disney+ on February 23rd 2021 – and with Netflix recently announcing a brand new Original movie every week I will be posting about it on The Geeky Steve along with some other Netflix content as well – I’ll give you my thoughts and opinions on the new movies that get released and maybe give you guys some recommendations of horror movies or family friendly movies that I may have watched recently

So there we have it this is my new social media page called The Geeky Steve – please give it a follow and be sure to stay updated with all the latest news


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