SteveOfficial Reviews: A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood Movie Review

Hello and welcome to my website SteveOfficial and thank you for reading my brand new movie review for A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood which is a movie that stars Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers and this movie is also based on real life events

Now what are my thoughts on this movie? Well I think that this movie is really uplifting and not only is it uplifting but also such a wonderful and really beautiful movie too, in fact I would recommend that people should go and watch this at their local cinema as at the time of writing this it is available to watch at your local cinema

There are a couple of really beautiful scenes in this movie in fact there was one scene in particular where Fred and Lloyd are on a train in San Francisco and there are these bunch of kids that start singing the song A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood and which Fred joins in with singing the song with them, these kids obviously realised who Fred Rogers was after his TV Show was on TV

Now you’re probably thinking what is this movie about? Well as I mentioned earlier on in this blog this movie is based on true life events of a real life friendship between Fred Rogers and Tom Junod, in the movie it focuses on the friendship of Fred Rogers and Lloyd Vogel, Now Fred Rogers is a TV presenter for a TV show that looks like was really popular in the 90s and Lloyd Vogel is a journalist who has been given an assignment to learn more about Fred Rogers hence why he builds a very strong friendship with him

Now the reason why this story and this movie is absolutely beautiful is because not only is it based on true life events but it’s also looking at Lloyd’s troubled past with his father which at the start of the movie during a wedding scene we see a fight break out between him and his father, with the help of Fred Rogers, this does help Lloyd have a better outlook on life, which also forces him to reconcile with his troubled past

There’s another scene that I really did enjoy whilst watching this movie and that was when Tom Hanks character, Fred Rogers started singing, you can just hear how much of a great singer Tom Hanks really is, if he wasn’t an actor he could have became a singer because he does prove in this movie that he has a powerful voice

Apart from the movies Toy Story and Big, this is the third Tom Hanks movie that I have ever seen and to be honest it does give me the Big vibes really, because Big was such a beautiful movie and once again I found that this movie was again a beautiful masterpiece, I just love the fact that the aspect ratio every now and then goes from 16:9 to 4:3 whenever it goes to the TV show that Fred Rogers appears on I also love the way how they show the exterior shots of San Francisco where the movie is set as well, it’s not even proper real extremist shots that they used, it looks more puppeteer type way, you’ll understand what I mean when you watch this movie if you do decide to give this movie a watch

Do I recommend this movie to friends and family? Yes if there’s a movie that you really wanna watch then please let it be this one because like I say it’s a beautiful masterpiece and I think that all the actors involved in this movie including Tom Hanks who plays main character Fred Rogers is absolutely fantastic in this movie so definitely recommend friends and family to watch this movie

So that’s my thoughts and opinions on the movie A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood which you can watch at your local cinema now


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