STEVEOFFICIAL: Last Night In Soho Movie Review

Hello and welcome to a movie review for Last Night In Soho on my blogging website – I first off all wanna apologise for the lateness of this blog post – its taken me a week to get back into the swing of blog posting I have been rather busy this past week with birthday celebration galore and also had a week away from work too, but never fear though because the movie review of Last Night In Soho is here, so here’s the question: what did I think of this movie?

First of all what I would say about this movie is that this is more of a thriller than a horror movie to be honest and the reason why I think this is because there isn’t a lot of blood or gore in this movie to make it a horror movie I would also say that there isn't too many jump scares in this movie neither to make this a horror movie so that's why I think I would put this more into the thriller category than the horror category,

What I really loved about this movie was the lighting that was used in this movie – as you can see from the image above that there is a lot of sensory lighting used in this movie and this is what I thought really stood out the most in this movie was the sensory neon lighting that they used especially when. we see Anya Taylor Joy’s character, Sandie, on the dancefloor in one scene I thought this was a really good movie for its use of lighting.

The director off this movie has done some horror elements in some of his previous work, the director who did this movie was Edgar Wright and he is the man behind Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, which both of these movies have been comedy movies in the last but have used horror elements within its humour, Shaun Of The Dead understandably uses more of the horror element than Hot Fuzz did, because of the use of zombies within its movie.

I think that the acting in this movie was absolutely phenomenal especially with the whole time travel element that was included in this movie as well – Matt Smith is no stranger to time travel in his acting career after playing The Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who between 2010 – 2013, but he played the role of Jack in the 60s really well – I absolutely loved his character development in this movie – I also loved the fact that at some point during the movie we see the red lighting being depicted on him to show that his character is a bad person in the movie I thought that this was really well done.

Anya Taylor Joy, who is really well known in Netflix Limited Series The Queen’s Gambit did a phenomenal job playing the role of Sandie in the 60s era of the movie. she also does have such a phenomenal vocal chords when she sings You’re My World and Downtown in the movie too.

Thomasin McKenzie who is really well known for playing a character in the movie JoJo Rabbit – did once again another phenomenal job playing the character of Eloise – I would love to see her in more thriller or horror movies going forward because I think the role does suit her really well – I think the casting for this movie was really good and I think Edgar Wright did a wonderful thing choosing these actresses and actors to play their respectable parts in the movie.

I would definitely recommend this movie the soundtrack as always with every Edgar Wright that he does is really good and I even recommend listening to the movie soundtrack because I am listening to it on repeat right now – I just can’t get enough of the soundtrack especially with the whole 60s vibes that soundtrack does come with – I would definitely go and see thirds movie again and I will definitely be getting this on digital platforms when the movie is released to buy and own digitally.

What I also find very interesting about this movie is that this psi set in a part of London which isn’t often used in movies all that much to be honest and even Edgar Wright has even open dup and said this himself in receding interviews when promoting the movie that Soho is an area of London that wee don’t often see in movies especially when the scenes in movies are set in London.

All in all I would definitely recommend this phenomenal movie this is probably one of the best movies that I have seen in 2021 and there are a fair more movies still yet to be released this year at the time of writing this blog post- boys gonna be very difficult for a movie to knock this one off the top 3 list of the year.

Last Night In Soho was released in cinemas on October 29th 2021.

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