SteveOfficial: Tame Impala – The Slow Rush Album Review

Welcome to The Show Rush album review here on my blogging website – this is the next album that I have recently given a listen to and this is a band by Tame Impala who up to recently I have never heard of, so what’s my thoughts on the album? Well keep reading on for my thoughts on the album

Well that’s the question that I’m going to start off with because this is a band who I have never heard of they come under the Alternative genre in the music industry, now for someone who many years ago used to work in radio I have come to love music from all sorts of genre, my music library is full of music from all sorts of genres whether it’s rock, hip hop, pop, dance, electronic, I have so many tastes in music, so when I first heard this album I didn’t know what I was in for when I heard this album

So during the opening moments of the album and I’m talking the start of it, it starts off really weird, like the music slowly fades in and then of course we get this beat to the music which I actually quite enjoyed, but I instantly thought okay is this going to be a weird album that I am listening to here and you know what I was right

I think I have become a little bit of a fan of Tame Impalas work on this album and the reason I say that is because of how weird but wonderful this masterpiece of an album is, because it does have those random crazy moments in the album and I’m talking with the musical instruments or the instrumentals in songs but it is just a wonderful masterpiece

Now what I have actually noticed is that on some of the songs on this album (and by the way I will give you guys a full track listing of this album very soon in this blog post) but what I have noticed with some of the songs is that you think you’re listening to a different song but it’s not, it’s the same track but with just a different sound to the song that is still being played, and I have noticed that with a couple of tracks on the album

You see that’s what kept me really interested in the album is that it shakes it up a little bit by pretending you’re listening to a different track but you’re actually still listening to the same track than what you was 3 minutes ago, I am not sure whether I’m feeling cheated here or not by sneaking these tracks on to an album but sneaking them into a certain song without giving the song any credit in the album just having it under the same track as what was just played… is that cheating? I don’t know but you know what I still like it

So what tracks can you expect to hear on this album? Well here’s the full track listing for you:

– One More Year

– Instant Destiny

– Borderline

– Posthumous Forgiveness

– Breathe Deeper

– Tomorrows Dust

– On Track

– Lost In Yesterday

– Is It True

– It Might Be Time

– Glimmer

– One More Hour

So those are the tracks you can expect to find on this album and if you want to know how long the album runs for, well it runs for 57 minutes and there are a total number of 12 songs on this album

So would I recommend this album to friends and family? Well of course I would because if you are in to your Alternative genre music then this album certainly is for you, if you’re trying to listen to something from the Alternative music genre then this album is for you, it’s got a very upbeat vibe to it and I really like it, I’m definitely going to be listening to this album over and over again


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