SteveOfficial Reviews: JoJo Rabbit Movie Review

Welcome to my next movie review here on my website SteveOfficial and today’s movie review is on JoJo Rabbit which at the time of writing this article is available to watch at your local cinema now

Here’s an interesting fact about this movie and that’s this movie is based on the book by Christine Leunen called Caging Skies, now you’re probably thinking what the movie is all about? The movie is about a young German boy named JoJo who discovers that his single mother is hiding a Jewish girl in the attic, as World War Two takes place throughout this movie, JoJo confronts his blind nationalism whilst being aided by his imaginary friend Adolf Hitler

Now this movie in my eyes is a perfect family comedy movie, I know what you’re thinking that Adolf Hitler surely shouldn’t be something that we should all be laughing at during a movie especially after what he did during the Second World War, the thing about this movie is it is a feel good family movie and I really did enjoy it which is why if you guys was to give this movie a watch then you would enjoy it too whether you’re watching this movie alone or if you have friends and family over you wouldn’t be disappointed over this movie

I like to think that this movie is one of those movies that are uplifting and again really beautiful, that being said we started 2020 off with this movie being released in the cinema and straight away the movie industry starting off 2020 pretty amazingly by releasing this fee good family movie

Now I have another fun fact about this movie so the person who wrote and directed this movie is a director called Taika Waititi now not only does he write and direct this movie there is a plot twist coming up here in this review but he also plays a character in this movie which is the character of Adolf Hitter who is JoJo’s imaginary friend in this movie, now my thoughts on him playing Adolf Hitler, well I think he portrays the character really well and I also think that he brings a little bit of a comedic side to the character too

Now Taika Waititi is actually a well known director, he has directed Thor: Ragnorak and is actually directing the fourth upcoming Thor film called Thor: Love And Thunder as well, meanwhile he has also directed other films too such as Boy, What We Do In The Shadows and Eagle Vs Shark, those are some of the movies that he has directed before

Now this movie has also got some other well known stars in this movie, Scarlett Johannessen who is known for playing the role Black Widow in the Marvel movies plays a character in this movie and along with other known movie stars in this movie such as Stephen Marchant and Rebel Wilson they also star in this movie too and bother actors portray their characters really well as well

So it’s a feel good comedy movie and I really did enjoy watching this movie, I really do recommend that people watch this while it is still at their local cinema at the time of writing this blog – so that’s my thoughts and opinions on the movie JoJo Rabbit


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