SteveOfficial: My Day Out In Swanage


On Wednesday 12th November 2018 I wen out to Swanage for the day and I really did enjoy visiting the area so much that I am going to visit the attraction again VERY SOON!!!

If you are somebody that lives in Bournemouth and looking for a day out then this is definitely the place to visit and the good thing about the area is that if you don’t own a car then there are other transportation like the bus which takes you from Bournemouth Town Centre to Swanage and the bus journey to Swanage isn’t long neither.


So you’re probably wondering what there is to do in Swanage, they have a massive arcade which is full of 2p coin machines and 5p coin machines as well (admittedly I did take some pics of the arcades for the blog but was asked to delete them immediately) but they also have fruit machines and also a Mario Kart racing game in the arcades as well plus they have the claw game as well where you try and pick up a prize (so pretty much all the basics you get in an arcade really)

Swanage is also has a high street as well which has shops like McColls for all the basics that you need regardless of whether its a drink or a snack that you are after or just to do a little bit of general shopping – I had to go into the McCols shop to get something to drink as I was really thirsty after going for a long walk around Swanage

Other shops in Swanage include some antiques shops as well which is filled with really expensive stuff in the shop – there was one shop that I went into that was filled with really expensive antiques like for example there was an item that I saw which was jurassic stone from the dinosaur ages that was 65 million years old and it was worth around nine hundred and fifty pounds.


Swanage is also known for its really stunning views and its really nice to walk around with the sea breeze air especially in the sunshine. Swanage also features some cafes around the area where they doing have some stunning scenery from the windows if you are sitting by the window inn a cafe near the sea as you can look out over the sea and see the waves crashing by – so its very. nice to look out the window whilst drinking a coffee or a cup of tea and see the waves crashing by.


Whilst having a walk around Swanage I stumbled upon a really high hill which was pretty much all grass so as I walked up this giant hill I was wondering what I will see once I get to the top I knew it would be something spectacular and marvellous and beautiful as well and this photo that you can see (above) is what was at the top of the hill it was overlooking the cliff top and all I can remember from looking back at this photo was the wind blowing and it being slightly cold at the top of the hill but not only that but yo can hear the relaxing sound of the waves crashing down below as well which was really nice I also remember siting down on the top of the hill for a good ten minutes (I needed that sit down for a good ten minuets especially walking up the giant hill) but it wasn’t just the sea that I was over looking at the top of the hill as I was also overlooking some of the houses that were nearby as well






There was something that I noticed about Swanage and its something that I did notice straight away and that was there was a lot of fish and chip places all over the place (or should that be fish and chip plaices) in the high street, there was one fish and chip shop that I recognised as we have one here in Bournemouth opposite Bournemouth beach which is called Harry Ramsden’s – so you probably can tel by reading this what I had for lunch that day!!!


There are other things that you’ll find in Swanage such as the pier which only costs one pound per person (which isn’t too bad when you think about the price to go to Bournemouth Pier especially in the summer) they also have another cafe by the pier as well so once you have finished walking along the pier there is always a place for you to get a coffee or a cup of tea.


The final tourist attraction is the train station which of you catch the bus from Bournemouth to Swanage then thats the first thing= that you’ll see when you arrive in Swanage, from what I saw at the train statin when waiting for the bus home or when walking past the train station when I first arrived at Swanage was that they had an old fashioned train at the back of the train station which people were allowed to go and look and also go inside for a cream tea (which I imagine is having a cream cake along with a hot drink for a certain price) but it did look really nice and there was quite a few people on the old fashioned train when I walked past it.

So that was my day out in Swanage and I really did enjoy having a day out in Swanage so if you are local to the area and wondering what to do then take a visit out to Swanage to see some ion the tourist attractions and its high street because it does come with lovely and beautiful views


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