SteveOfficial: The Stable Cider Awards 2019

Welcome to my first blog post in a long while but I can safely say that I am back with more great content for my followers to read – I’m starting off my new blog posts with an event that I went to recently which was The Stable Cider Awards 2019 in Bournemouth

I firstly wanna thank The Stable in Bournemouth and the Bournemouth Bloggers group for giving me the chance to attend this event it was such a fun evening and I really did enjoy it

So what happened at the event? Well this was an event where producers from up and down the country who make cider were at this event allowing people to try out their ciders and to give them a backstory of how they made their cider and whereabouts in the country they sell and distribute their ciders

We was all given The Stable’s Rapscallion coder which is now available to buy in a can (which was introduced earlier this summer) it was a complimentary drink that all visitors attending this event received on arrival of the event

There was 10 different ciders to try out at the different stations around the room from Nightingale to Duddas Tun and Crafty Nectar No.8 the producers at the cider stations were allowing visitors who attended the event to try out their ciders, once the visitors tried out the ciders from various stations around the room they were given the chance to vote for their favourite cider that they have tasted and all votes were counted later in the evening

There was also some LIVE music throughout the evening as well to help fill the vibes on a Saturday night around the room, a lot of people enjoyed the LIVE music – there was some visitors even dancing with their partners by the end of the evening to the music that was being performed on stage – there was also a really lovely spread of food that was made freshly from The Stable kitchen – loads of garlic flavoured wedges and also made some lovely pizzas as well from their menu at The Stable

We got to the end of the evening and it was all down to the important business which was who came out on top of The Cider Awards 2019 at The Stable the results were in and the top 3 ciders that won the awards evening was at number 3 – Duddas Tun which was my favourite cider of them all especially with the taste of apricot it was absolutely lovely – there was also a cider that came in at number 2 which was Bumblebee now that cider I never did get to try out at the event unfortunately but the first place prize went to Crafty Nectar No.8 which their cider I did try and it was absolutely lovely and once they did win the awards evening I couldn’t help but have a little more of their cider

There was also a public vote who also won the awards evening and the public chose the second place winners of the evening Bumblebee as the public who voted for best cider of the evening!!!

It was such a fun filled evening and I really did enjoy myself I just wanna thank The Stable in Bournemouth for inviting me and of course the Bournemouth Bloggers group along to the event and I also wanna thank Ross who presented The Cider Awards evening at The Stable in Bournemouth, I also wanna thank the kitchen staff at The Stable for the lovely spread of food that they put out for the guests attending the event and of course it wouldn’t be The Cider Awards 2019 without the producers who make the ciders so I wanna thank them for also allowing us to try out their delicious ciders.


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