SteveOfficial Review: Gabrielle Aplin – Dear Happy Album Review

Hello guys, I have another album review that I’ve been listening to and as a matter of fact at the time of writing this blog post in a Wetherspoons pub on a Wednesday morning at 8:45am I have my headphones plugged in and I am actually listening to this album right now so what better time to be writing a blog post about an album I’m reviewing than whilst I’m listening to the album itself?

Moving on because I am going to be giving you my thoughts and opinions on the album and again like yesterday I revealed I was listening to Halsey’s Manic album on repeat well it’s the same goes for this album too – this album is called Dear Happy, and here’s the official track listing for the album

– Until The Sun Comes Up

– Invisible

– One Of Those Days

– Kintsugi

– Strange

– My Mistake

– Like You Say You Do

– Losing Me

– So Far So Good

– Nothing Really Matters

– Magic

– Love Back

– Miss You

– Dear Happy

So here’s the songs that I can’t help but listen to on repeat at the moment… well there are some songs that are my absolute favourites of mine but every time I play this album I do listen to the album in full… I would probably say that since this album was released over a week ago now I think this is probably my eighth time listening to the album in full anyways let’s look at my favourite tracks on the album

So the first track I wanna talk about is Kintsugi (such a weird name for a song I know) but this song is one of those songs I can’t help listening to on repeat because it’s one of those songs that you can’t get out of your head after listening to it because of how catchy it is especially the chorus where it goes something along the lines of “glue me back together, glue,glue me back together” honestly so catchy

The second track that I love listening to and this song is for those who loves a good slow song and that’s called My Mistake, now I believe before the album was released it was one of those songs like Kintsugi that was released before the actual album was released and I’ve got to admit I fell in love with this song when I first heard it while I was working one early Sunday morning and since I heard it I just couldn’t stop listening to it because it is so beautiful and such a nice song… very slow sad song but beautiful at the same time… this song really rigged at my heartstrings when I first heard it

The third track that’s my favourite on the album is Losing Me, now with this song Gabrielle Aplin teamed up with JP Cooper to collaborate on this song and it’s a really good song it sounds to me if this song is currently on the radio or hasn’t yet been released for the radio then it should be because it sounds like a future hit to me, I really love this song and I’m sure of you give this track a listen you’ll agree with me

The fourth track that I love listening to is called Magic again with this song it’s got really nice vibes to it and I feel like it’s a song that constantly grows on me when I listen to it time and time again

The fifth track that I love listening to on the album called Dear Happy by Gabrielle Aplin is called Love Back, again just like Losing Me, I think that this track if it does get featured in the charts could be a future hit for Gabrielle Aplin

The sixth and final track that I love listening to on this album is called Dear Happy which actually is the final track on the album and is also the titled song for the album too, I just find this song absolutely beautiful and what a way to end such a glorious album

So that’s my thoughts and opinions on Gabrielle Aplins brand new album called Dear Happy which you can purchase on CD in all good retailers but you can also stream the album via Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube Music, plus you can also purchase this album via iTunes and Google Play Music


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