SteveOfficial Reviews: Justin Bieber – Changes Album Review

Hello and welcome to the next album review here on my blogging website SteveOfficial which is Justin Bieber’s brand new album called Changes

Now what I find with this album is that it’s become a really addictive album to listen to at the time of writing this blog post this is actually the second time I have listened to this album and will I be listening to it tomorrow? Yes, will I be listening to it the next day? Yes, will I be listening to it the day after that? Yes I will be for sure

I just find some of the songs on this album so damn catchy and so damn good in the way how they sound as well which is what makes them highly addictive to listen to and these are the type of tracks that I could listen to over and over again on repeat

Now I do have some personally favourite tracks on this album which I won’t really go into detail about because like I have said previously in this blog post that the tracks that I am listening to on this album are just so addictive, so catchy (some people may find them annoying) but I love them and not only that but they are songs that you’ll walk away from listening to this album that will just get stuck in your head all day long after listening to this album

So without further ado let’s take a look at the addictive and catchy tracks that you can expect to listen to on this album Changes by Justin Bieber

– All Around Me

– Habitual

– Come Around Me

– Intentions

– Yummy

– Available

– Forever

– Running Over

– Take It Out On Me

– Second Emotion

– Get Me

– E.T.A

– Changes

– Confirmation

– That’s What Love Is

– At Least For Now

– Yummy (Summer Walker Remix)

So those are the tracks that you can expect to hear from this album, now the tracks that I would say to definitely listen out for that are really addictive to listen to are Yummy, Get Me, Habitual and ETA

I would definitely recommend this album to anyone who is wanting to listen to some new music because this album is just really awesome and really catchy too

Justin Bieber’s brand new album Changes is available to purchase on CD in all good retailers as well as available to purchase through iTunes and Google Play Music, you can also stream the new album Changes by Justin Bieber via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and YouTube Music


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