Hello and welcome to this blog post/ movie review of Avengers Endgame – which I recently went to the cinema to go and see… NOTE: This blog post does contain SPOILERS so if you’ve not yet seen this movie then please read at your own risk

Still with me? Good. That means that you’ve already seen the movie and you’re interested to know my thoughts on the movie or you haven’t seen the movie you don’t intend on watching the movie but you’re still interested to know my thoughts on the movie (come on this is a Marvel film for crying out loud who wouldn’t want to go and see this epic crossover movie?)

So the movie begins with Iron Man in space, Tony Stark decides to record a message using his Iron Man helmet, it’s a bit like a survival guide really, and saves it in case someone watches it back in the future, at this point it’s been 22 days since Thanos snapped his finger and made half of the MCU disappear, Captain Marvel comes along and brings Tony Stark back to Earth to reunite him with the other remaining Avengers

The remaining Avengers decide to hold a meeting and talk about what they have been up to since Thanos used the gauntlet to snap his fingers and make half the universe disappear. As I said before 22 days have passed since this happened so it was a short catch up with the other Avengers as to what happened since the snap

Later on in the movie we cut to a scene of Ant Man (played by Paul Rudd) who comes out of the Quantum Realm, long time Marvel fans will know that Ant Man was sucked into the Quantum Realm in Ant Man And The Wasp, but thanks to a rat he was able to come out of the Quantum Realm and find the other remaining Avengers

Because Ant Man was in the Quantum Realm before the snap happened, he was at first very confused as to where half the universe had gone, this was until he met with the other remaining Avengers and they told him what had happened

The Avengers along with Ant Man come up with a little plan to save the universe that involves using the Quantum Realm and going back in time to retrieve all the Infinity Stones that’s used to power up the Infinity Gauntlet that Thanos uses to wipe out the universe in Infinity War

As they all head back to the year 2012, 2013 and 2014 they all get the Infinity Stones from the various planets where they were hidden, it’s really awesome that they did this because when they go back in time to the year 2012 which was the year the first Avengers movie Avengers Assemble was released, we get to see clips from that movie and also they recreated the set to film the new parts for the movie, a lot of the sets though obviously had to be recreated from the previous movies events in order to create the new shots for Avengers Endgame

In some of the time travelling scenes we get to see Captain America fight himself from the past which is awesome and yet really funny to see, we also see Nebula from the past trap future Nebula and go to the future to try and thwart the Avengers plans to defeat Thanos once and for all, and we see a really heartwarming scene where we meet Howard Stark which is Tony Stark’s dad, as Tony Stark and Steve Rogers time travel to the past to retrieve an Infinity Stone and it’s the year where Tony Stark was not born yet but his mother was due to give birth to him soon – the scenes that Tony Stark shared with his dad was really touching and heartwarming

There’s also a scene where Hawkeye and Black Widow are trying to get the Soul Stone but the Red Devil tells them in order to get the Soul Stone one of them will have to pay him with their life, so there was a little battle between the two as to who should lose their life in order to get the Soul Stone… the person who dies in this scene is Black Widow

As The Avengers come back with all of the Infinity Stones from the past they make their own Infinity Gauntlet, and there is also one final battle with Thanos, as Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Captain Marvel, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk and the rest of the characters battle Thanos and make sure that he doesn’t get his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet, there are a couple of moments where he does manage to get his hands on the Gauntlet but it’s very quickly taken by other Avengers

In the end when Thanos thinks he has full power and control and when he thinks that The Avengers are about to lose again he snaps his fingers while he wears the gauntlet but nothing happens, as he turns and looks at the gauntlet the Infinity Stones are missing from the gauntlet and that’s because Iron Man has the Infinity Stones, and so Iron Man is the one who snaps his fingers and makes Thanos disappear after he becomes defeated

In the process of defeating Thanos this does mean that Iron Man also loses his life which is a very sad and heartbreaking scene and at this point I did have a slight tear in my eye watching this part of the movie – in the next scene we see Tony Stark’s funeral with all the Avengers gathered round together to remember the hero that they lost

As the movie approaches the end we see Thor hand his notice over to Asgard, and we see him board the ship where the Guardians Of The Galaxy use to travel and there’s a slight humourous scene where Thor gets into a little argument as he wants to become captain of the ship

We also see Captain America travel back in time as he returns the Infinity Stones to where they belong as they no longer become a threat to the universe after Thanos defeat, and whisky he goes back in time to return the Stones he also decides to go to the future and when he returns back to the present day we see him as an old man and by the looks of it he’s wearing a wedding ring on his finger too – it’s such a nice fitting ending to the movie and a vey bittersweet and poignant ending to the movie as well, it’s taken Marvel 11 years 22 movies and 46 hours worth of movie watching to get to this moment and I feel as though they did a really good job with this movie

I have been waiting since the end of Infinity War a year ago to see this movie and it’s been doing really well in the box office as well, there are lots of rumours about the movie as well in the aftermath for example Thor could be joking the Guardians Of The Galaxy for their third film which wouldn’t be surprising given how Thor was left off at the end of the movie

I also really enjoyed the scenes where we see a hungover looking Thor who clearly put on a lot of weight after he used his hammer to chop Thanos head off at the start of the movie – the Thanos that they defeat at the end of the movie is the Thanos from the past, but after he chops Thanos head off with his hammer at the start of the movie he goes off the rails, which is really funny scenes to watch

I have two favourite lines from the movie I loved the bit where Tony Stark meets Rocket Raccoon fro the first time and says to him “I’m sorry for a second I thought you was something out of Build A Beat” that’s a really funny line and I also love the line where Morgan Stark which is Tony Stark’s daughter says to him “I love you 3000” in fact this is also the line that Tony Stark says to the Avengers in the prerecorded message that they view after his funeral at the end of the movie – in fact it has been revealed that the “I love you 3000” line was used because that’s what the actor who plays Tony Stark in the film, Robert Downey Jr’s kids tell him in real life so he decided to use that line in the movie which makes it feel a lot more realistic and more meaningful too

All in all it was an amazing film and it tied up the last 11 years really nicely, I enjoyed what was Marvels longest movie ever as the movie clocked in at 3 hours and 2 mins long, there was no post credits scenes at the end of the movie so Marvel ditched their traditional post credits scenes that they normally do for all their Marvel movies, I thought that Avengers Endgame was gonna be the last movie in Marvels Phase Three but it’s not as Spider Man Far From Home will be out later this summer 2019 and I will be going to see that so there will be a review on here for that movie later this year.

Lots more awesome and amazing posts to come from me but I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post about Avengers Endgame.


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