SteveOfficial: Step Brothers Movie Review

Welcome to the next movie review that I have for this week and it’s the movie Step Brothers which stars Will Ferrel as the character Brennan and also stars John C Reilly as the character Dale, it’s a film about two step brothers and their sibling rivalry after Brennan’s mum decides to marry Dales dad

This movie is hilariously funny and has some really funny scenes in it – it’s also deemed as very childish at times as well but then again I like to think that these step brothers want to experience the full brotherhood experience from the moment they were little to the moment when they grow up and be more mature

There’s a time in the movie where they finally learn to get along when they find out that they both have some things that are in common with each other and it leads to them having some hilarious scenes such as peeing in the same toilet bowl at the same time as each other for example, there’s a few comedy moments in the movie

There is another scene towards the end of the movie where Brennan introduces his counsellor to his parents as his new girlfriend which the counsellor denies that they are in a relationship together, it’s hilariously funny

I would definitely recommend this movie to any of my friends or family looking for a comedy movie to watch, I don’t think apart from this movie and the Christmas movie titled Elf, I don’t really think that I have seen Will Ferrell in other movies apart from those two so maybe I will go back and watch some other movies to see what he’s like in those as well


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