SteveOfficial: Empara Mi – Suitcase Full Of Sins Album Review

This is probably going to be a very short blog post that I do and because of the fact I haven’t done an album review for a while now it’s one that I thought I will write about

So this album is called Suitcase Full Of Sins, it’s by an artist that I have never heard of before you until now called Empara Mi and it’s a very short album

It’s one of those pick me up kind of albums when you’re only doing something that might last you for half an hour, because that’s roughly how long this album lasts it’s that short

Normally when I do album reviews and I give you the running times for those albums they are roughly around about 40 – 55 minutes long and sometimes it’s good to know how long an album lasts you just do you know whether or not like me you need to queue up another album once that album has finished playing or notThe vibes I was getting when I was listening to this album and don’t even ask me why because I don’t know but I was getting Florence And The Machine vibes just listening to this album, Empara Mi could be mistaken for Florence Welch in my opionion be because they sound the same or similar if that

The tracks on the album don’t last very long at all but then again, I did say that this album was a very short one and it also consists of a total number of 8 tracks in total so let’s take a look at what those 8 tracks are in case you decide to give this album a listen for yourself, so the tracks are:

– Wanderlust

– Ditch


– Shout

– Blood In The Water

– Shine On You

– Alibi

– No More

So those are the 8 tracks you can listen to on the album and there are a total number of 4 tracks on the album that are explicit or have explicit warnings put in place

I first found out about Empara Mi through Instagram via an advert while looking through some stories, but again it’s a pick me up kind of album one that doesn’t last long and would only advise listening to this if you wanna hear some music for half an hour while you’re out doing something maybe going for a walk or a run or something like that, but I would still give this album my recommendation that’s for sure

Suitcase Full Of Sins by Empara Mi is available to listen to via Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and YouTube Music, the album is also available to purchase through iTunes and Google Play Music as well


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