SteveOfficial: Girl On The Third Floor Movie Review

Welcome to my next movie review of a film that I have watched recently… now this wasn’t a movie that I went to go and see at the cinema, this is actually a movie that you can stream on Netflix and here’s a fact for you, this movie hasn’t just recently been on Netflix neither, it’s been on the streaming service since 2019, but it’s only come to the media’s attention recently

So why has it just recently come to the media’s attention? Well for one thing is that this movie has been quietly released on the service, they didn’t advertise the movies release that hugely which is why it got a quiet release on Netflix

So what genre is this movie? Well this movie is a horror movie and many people who have sat down to watch this has been disturbed by some of the scenes that are in this movie, was I disturbed by the scenes in this movie? Well there was one scene that really did make me go something along the lines of “eww that’s gross” but I can agree that this is certainly horror movie it has all the right areas for it to be a horror movie, all the creepy scenes especially one disturbing scene as well in the movie

Does this movie set itself up for a sequel? I would like to see a sequel if they did decide to make one of course because in a way it does leave the movie open ended, and I would personally like to see a sequel to this movie, who knows it could still be based on the house that the movie is all about and centres around

So without going into too much detail, the movie is about a man called Don who goes to this mysterious house with his family dog, who he sees as a best friend in a way, he has a pregnant partner who is due to give birth any day and while she’s still working before she goes on maternity leave, so her partner Don and his dog go to this house to decorate it ready for when they move in

Don meets this mysterious woman named Sarah and he ends up betraying his partner which you’ll find out why when you give this movie a watch on Netflix, but the betrayal soon comes back to haunt him though when Sarah just won’t be able to leave him alone afterwards

One of Dons partners friend decides to come over and help him with decorating the house but he doesn’t end up at the bourse for long though after Don reveals what he recently did, he ends up getting into an argument which results in Don storming off and we then see Sarah talk to Dons partners friend, like I say his partners friend doesn’t end up at the house for too long and viewers will have to wait and see as to why he isn’t at the house for too long

This movie does have a few twists and turns throughout which keeps me interested and intrigued to want to know more that happens in the movie so I would recommend this movie to friends and family to watch and like I say you can watch this movie whenever you like wherever you like as it’s available to stream on Netflix now


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