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I cannot believe that Take That have been together for 30 years – a lot of people who are reading this blog right now are probably shocked at the fact that its been 30 years since the band was formed together. Also a lot of people who are reading this blog post right now also grew up listening to their music as well regardless of if that was on the radio or via a CD player, we have all heard a lot of Take That’s iconic music whether its The Greatest Day or It Only Takes A Minute to Rule The World and These Days (which are some of their recent hits to be put on the radio or onto an album for their fans to buy)

Of course throughout the 30 year history there has been a lot of drama between the band whether that was Robbie Williams leaving the group and becoming a solo artist to the band splitting up in the late 90s and also the band reforming in mid 2000s as a four piece band. Of course Robbie Williams did get back with the band to create one album in 2010 called Progress then went off to focus on his solo career once again. Then there was the news that Jason Orange decided to leave the band a few years ago as well which since then the band have decided not to split again but carry on as a three piece band and it has surprisingly worked. To think that 30 years ago they were a five pice band and now 30 years later they are now a three piece band is unbelievable but they have managed to do it which is good because they obviously don’t want to leave the fans disappointed and heartbroken like they were before when they first announced they were splitting.

So lets take a look at the album which is what we were originally going to review in this blog post before I started talking about the bands 30 year history. This is what the album is all about its a celebration of 30 years since the band was first formed, and I have heard this album quite a few times since it was released in mid November 2018 and I cannot get enough of this album.

Some of the songs, which are very iconic songs by the way, have been reworked slightly for example the music arrangement on the tracks have been reworked and to be honest they have more of a beat to them than the original arrangements that they had when they were first created all this years ago and one of those songs is Everything Changes which gets a slight reworking on the album. Another song that gets reworked on the album is How Deep Is Your Love, which again is another iconic song for Take That but of course they aren’t the original creators of the song as many years ago they covered the track which was first made by the legendary band The Bee Gees, so to celebrate 30 years of being a band How Deep Is Your Love is another song that gets reworked on the Odyssey album and yes it does include a special guest on the track as Bee Gees member Barry Gibb features on the track which is absolutely amazing and after all Barry’s band were the original band to perform the track before Take That covered it many years later so it was noice for Take That to include the last remaining Bee Gees member to be included on the track for the album.

There are a couple pf songs one the album that are never before heard tracks so there are still some new material for the fans of Take That to enjoy such as tracks like Out Of Our Heads and Everlasting are a couple of tracks which are new material; and never heard on any other album before. What I really like about the album is that in between a few tracks you get to hear a few snippets of past Take That interviews that they have done where they talk about their music that they have done in the past and when they have gone around the world travelling and they even have the devastating interview where they revealed that they are going to split as a band. They also have some alternative intros to some of the iconic songs like for example Shine (Such an awesome tune by the way) and they also have an alternative intro to Never Forget as well which I really like.

Another song that I really like on the album is again another classic and its called The Flood which was originally on the album Progress in 2010 when Robbie Williams was part of the band once again for the one album but what I really like about the Odyssey version of the track is the fact that at the end of the song the music tones down and all you can hear are the harmonies of the song that was originally performed in 2010 it is such a beautiful way to end the song and also its also a really nice way how they go straight into the next track on the album as well.

So there we go that was my review if Take That Odyssey album which sees the band celebrate 30 years of amazing music and some very iconic songs as well, here’s to another 30 years of more amazing material from such an iconic band.


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