SteveOfficial: Horrible Bosses 2 Movie Review

Welcome to the second Horrible Bosses movie review here on my blogging website SteveOfficial, as I said in my previous blog post this was going to be the next movie that I would be reviewing as this is the follow up movie to Horrible Bosses which I reviewed yesterday

Just like Horrible Bosses I have never seen this movie before and I found this movie through the power of the streaming service that is Netflix and have given this movie a watch recently which is why I am reviewing this movie now despite this movie being out for a good few years, because this was the first time I have seen this movie so I want you guys to know my thoughts and opinions on the movie and whether this movie would be worth watching yourself

So like I said in the last paragraph the movie is available to watch on the streaming service Netflix and most of the stars from the original movie also are back to play the roles of the characters that they played in the first movie, those actors include Jennifer Anniston, Jason Bateman, Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx

This movie is about the same three guys who the first movie centred around, and as they don’t like the jobs that they are in they decide to start up their own business together, but however an invested double crosses them so they decide to hatch a plan to kidnap the investors son, along the way like the first movie there is some very comedic moments in the movie that made me laugh out loud, so I am really glad that this movies sequel worked because there are loads of movies that end up having a sequel and sometimes the sequel doesn’t work out or isn’t as great as what the first movie was

I really enjoyed watching this movie despite it lasting 1 hour and 48 minutes in total and it’s also got the comedy throughout the movie that will keep you laughing all throughout the movie so you won’t get bored of watching this movie that’s for sure

I would recommend this movie to my friends and family because it’s a good movie, and like I say it’s got the comedy, and right now during this moment in time we all need that bit of comedy just to keep us all going


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