SteveOfficial: Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island Movie Review

Welcome to my next movie review which is about Fantasy Island

Now I saw this movie at the cinema a couple of days ago, and I found the movie to be “ok” it wasn’t the strongest movie that I have seen from the production company Blumhouse Productions, I would say that this movie is on par with the movie that they released last year at Christmas called Black Christmas, that’s the kind of level I find with this movie

You see Black Christmas wasn’t the best movie that I have seen from Blumhouse and again it’s the same with this movie – yeah it did have a couple of parts which I found funny like some funny lines in the script from certain characters in the movie but it wasn’t constant laugh out loud moments

The movie didn’t feature a lot of gore in it neither and to be honest you didn’t see a lot of blood in this movie neither, there was only one character who got shot in the movie who of course ended up covered in blood

The thing is, is that they called this movie a horror movie but it didn’t have jump scares it didn’t have any gore or hardly any blood in this movie, yeah the movie does advise that there is threat in the movie which there is of course because we see some sinister yet some threatening scenes with the characters involved in the movie but I don’t know and not sure where these disturbing scenes in the movie are because I didn’t see any at all

Those are the only annoying points of the movie but the movie itself is still interesting though and the storyline in the movie about a group of people who visit an island and get their fantasy come true is quite interesting to see play out on screen but I wouldn’t really class this as a horror movie because in some way it is a bit misleading to be a horror movie, it’s just more of a drama or action movie really more than anything

Would I still recommend this movie to friends and family? Of course I still recommend this movie to friends and family because like I say it’s still interesting to see the movie play out on screen including the characters fantasies, Lucy Hale plays a great character on screen too so her character plays a central role on screen and as a matter of fact towards the end of the movie like most Blumhouse Production movies there is always a twist towards the end of the movie, I am actually starting to notice this with most Blumhouse movies that I go and see is that towards the end of the movie, there’s always a twist and this movie is no different now of course I am not gonna spoil the ending to this movie in case you do decide to see this movie at your local cinema but it’s still a great twist towards the end of the movie too

So there we go that’s my review of Blumhouses Fantasy Island which you can go and see at your local cinema now


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