SteveOfficial: Coronavirus Outbreak? More Like Toilet Roll Outbreak

Hello and welcome to another blog post from my blogging website SteveOfficial – now these last couple of posts that I have done for the website have been very opinionated, yesterday I was talking about my thoughts and views on the new direction that Doctor Who is heading towards and now today I am here to talk about Coronavirus and the impact it’s having on the public

Now this is what I really don’t understand… toilet rolls… we all use toilet rolls, they are very useful and very helpful when we have all done our business on the loo and are in need to wipe certain areas of the body to make sure it’s all clean (you know I have never ever dreamt of me typing up about what toilet roll is used for in a blog post, now that I have done it I feel really weird) so we all know what toilet roll is used for in fact every human being on the planet knows what toilet roll is

What I really don’t understand is that people are panicking about the Coronavirus so badly that they are all rushing to their local supermarkets, so this is what shoppers are putting into their baskets and trollies… pasta, long life milk, hand sanitisers, hand gel and toilet roll…

So let me break this down, I can understand people stock piling on pasta because with pasta there are so many dishes that you can cook with pasta, it’s also dry meaning that you can store it for as long as possible and it won’t go out of date, I can also understand why you would stockpile on long life milk, because it does what it says on the tin (well carton) it’s long life and again you don’t need to refrigerate it, you can just store it in a dry place and use it as and when you want to, now hand sanitisers and hand gel, now people need this yes to make sure that they are washing their hands or at least keeping their hands clean when they have been to the toilet or they are about to make food or at least before eating food, and after they have finished eating food too, but the problem is supermarkets are limited to what they stock, and so people are going out and buying 5 or 6 bottles a time meaning that the supermarkets are selling out of hand gel and hand sanitisers within a matter of minutes and there’s not enough for people who come into supermarkets later to pick some up for themselves

Supermarkets are now actually putting a limit as to how many hand sanitisers or hand gel a a customer can buy in a supermarket, which is a good thing because now that means more customers are going to be able to buy hand gel and hand sanitisers as and when they need it plus this also slightly puts the pressure off the supermarket workers too to make sure every half an hour they are filling the hand gels and hand sanitisers

Now the one thing I really don’t understand is why on Earth are people stockpiling on toilet roll now I am not an expert on toilet roll here but I am pretty sure in supermarkets you can pick up a bag of 12 toilet rolls, which is fine, that’s perfectly fine, people just need to buy the one bag of 12 pack of toilet rolls, not two bags not three bags not even five bags, I just don’t understand why people are flocking to the supermarkets to buy toilet roll

So this is a screenshot of a tweet that I saw over on Twitter over the weekend, on the left of the photo is a photo of a supermarket shelf here in the UK, On the right of this photo is a supermarket shelf in Italy, now Italy is the second most affected area for Coronavirus with China being the first most affected area, now the funny thing is what the tweet says is that people in Venice where this photo was taken aren’t panicking, and yet people over here in the UK are panicking, now at the time of writing this blog post there have been just over 250 confirmed cases here in the UK, that’s not 1,000, that’s not 10,000 it’s just 250 cases confirmed in the UK, that to me is still a small number I would consider 10,000 a high number before I actually start to panic myself

Now I know this seems really dumb of me to ask this question here guy has anybody actually heard of boxes of tissues or at least pocket tissues?

So this here is what a box of tissues look like, you can buy them in supermarkets at a very cheap price, and you can have them anywhere around your house, whether it is in your living room or in your bedroom or even in your kitchen and dining room, you see this box of tissues is great for you to have anywhere in your home ready for when you are about to sneeze and need to catch that sneeze into the tissue before disposing of the tissue

The image pictured above is a picture of some pocket tissues and again like the boxes of tissues they are ideal to have in your pocket especially when you are out and about (because who would really wanna carry a box of tissues around with them while they are out and about) so at least if you need to blow your nose, or even if you’re about to sneeze whilst out and about at least you have some tissues on hand ready to catch your sneeze into the tissue before disposing of the tissue to the nearest bin, again pocket tissues can be found in supermarkets at a really good and cheap price as well

So I really do t understand why people are going out and bulk buying toilet rolls when you don’t need to be stockpiling on that you all should be stockpiling more on boxes of tissues or even pocket tissues rather than something that really you should only be using to wipe your “down below” areas of the body after you have been to the toilet, you see the clue is in the name toilet roll, it’s to be used for when you go to the toilet and really that should be it’s only purpose everything else should be used via a tissue

I also wanna day something else that’s really bothering me about this Coronavirus business whilst I am going on this little rant in today’s blog post, what I really don’t understand is why is it when I go on Twitter I see a tweet from NHS England telling us all to make sure we are washing our hands, this is really what I don’t understand because we should all know that we should be washing our hands frequently we shouldn’t have to be told this, we shouldn’t be sat watching the news and for the reporters and journalists advising the nation to keep washing our hands frequently, because that’s something all human beings should be doing every day

It’s part of our everyday personal hygiene is to make sure that we are keeping our hands clean, making sure that before and after we have finished work that we are washing our hands, making sure that before and after we have ate food we are washing our hands and more importantly before and after preparing food we should also be washing our hands, and even more importantly than that we should be washing our hands after we have been to the toilet at all times, that is just part of every day life we shouldn’t just be doing it now because of some flu virus has come along we should be doing this procedure every single day, whether it’s spring, summer, autumn, winter, whether it’s flu season or not, we should be always washing our hands regardless

These videos that you can see, are just some of the scenes that people have filmed and posted on social media over the last few days, and I have watched these videos myself and think it’s absolutely mental that people are bulk buying and panicking over a stronger form of flu. Ow ten years ago we had swine flu, I don’t remember people going out and bulk buying like this ten years ago when the swine flu was around, so I don’t understand why people seem to think that bulk buying all because of some stronger form of flu is acceptable to do

So anyway that was my thoughts and opinions on the Coronavirus that’s currently the most talked about item since Brexit… thank you for reading and I hope you agree with some of the strong points I have made in this article, I’ll be back with a movie review for The Invisible Man in my next blog post


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