SteveOfficial: The Hunt Movie Review

Welcome to my next movie review which is called The Hunt and this was a film that I actually went and watched at the cinema yesterday (March 12) at the time of writing this blog post

The Hunt is from the people that brought you Happy Death Day, Ma, Halloween, Get Out, Fantasy Island, The Invisible Man, The Purge and so many more films, of course I’m talking about Blumhouse Productions here, my favourite movie company who’s work I am a huge fan of

The Hunt is a very gorified looking movie to be honest, there’s a lot of gore in this movie from start to finish so if you’re one of the squeamish type people that doesn’t like the look of blood on screen then this movie certainly is not for you however if you are someone who’s really into the horror movie genre and enjoys watching horror then this film is definitely up your street

Now the funny thing about this movie is between the movie itself and the trailer – it seems like the movie is actually based on a group of people which isn’t actually the case, with the trailer of course it puts parts of the movie all around the trailer but like I say if you see the trailer you’ll think this movie is instantly about a group of people that’s not necessarily the case I went in to the cinema sat down and at the start I thought yeah this will be about a group of people trying to survive a human hunting game called The Hunt but it’s not actually the case because further on down the movie it begins to just be based on one woman fighting for survival

The good thing about this movie also is I love how we have this character build up that we get to know this mysterious woman throughout the movie who in the end reveals her name to be Crystal May – but even then there’s a further twist down the line that I am not going to revels in the blog just in case you want to go and see this movie at the cinema

This is the other thing and this is what I love about Blumhouse Productions, they always like to turn their movies on it’s head meaning that they love to put twists and turns in the movie, and you know what that’s what keeps this film interesting from start to finish and also what keeps me on the edge of my seat when you start to believe a certain character but later on turns out not to be true, that’s the kind of stuff that keeps me on the edge of my seat here and I really did enjoy it from start to finish

The only problem that I had with this movie was the running time, it’s an hour and a half long so for some cinema goers that’s a good thing for people that don’t like to sit and watch a movie for 2 or 2 and a half hours long, but for me I felt the movie could have been slightly longer, there was so much action to cram in to an hour and a half and I guess at the time of making this movie Blumhouse only had a certain budget and had only such amount of time to tell this story which is why it is 90 mins long, but either way I still enjoyed the movie and it did have some comedic lines in the movie throughout too to keep you laughing

Would I recommend this movie? Well like all of Blumhouses work I would recommend this movie to my friends and family and for people who are simply trying to find an amazing movie to watch at the cinema but like I say this targets to people more of the horror genre who likes the gore and the blood on screen but it’s also filled with action from start to finish too which makes the movie even more enjoyable


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