SteveOfficial: Wildfire UK At The Overcliff Pub In Bournemouth

Welcome to my next blog post here on SteveOfficial now this blog post is different from ones that I have done recently on my website, of course I have been doing loads of movies and new album reviews that I have been watching and listening to but I have recently been to a venue in Bournemouth to watch two local artists perform on stage at The Overcliff Pub in Bournemouth

So earlier this month, at the time of writing this blog, on Friday 13th March 2020 I went to The Overcliff Pub in Bournemouth with my girlfriend Kirsty and we went and saw Wildfire perform LIVE on stage, I am going to say now that they both sounded amazing on stage, and I would totally recommend that you check them out on social media and of course go to one of their LIVE sessions that they do if you do live local in the Bournemouth area, or even Dorset area for that matter, I will give you the social media details on how to follow Wildfire later on in this blog post

So Wildfire UK is made up of Rebecca Mellor and Nick Tatham and they are a couple who love to sing, who love to perform on stage too, and they both collaborate on songs that they sing together, they have already got their first single out which you can purchase and listen to on via iTunes and Google Play Music. The title of the song is called “You” and you can also stream the song via Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer as well – just search for Wildfire UK and you should be able to see the song “You” straight away, I have added the song on Apple Music so I can listen to it to my hearts content, it’s a beautiful and lovely song and I really can’t wait to hear more great material from Wildfire later in the year

This isn’t the first time that I have seen Wildfire, earlier this year Kirsty introduced me to Wildfire when we went to The Dancing Duck in Westbourne and I must admit they sounded really great when they performed at The Dancing Duck, there was people getting up and dancing the night away, it was such a great night and when I went to see them the second time at The Overcliff Pub in Bournemouth they sounded amazing once again, both times seeing them perform have been such a surreal experience and of course I will be going to see them again when they do perform at another local venue in Bournemouth later in the year that’s for sure

So what songs do they sing? Well I can tell you that they have done some covers which actually I am going to post a new cover they have recently been doing for Michael Jackson called Human Nature I will post that in my blog soon for you guys to watch and you’ll see for yourself how amazing both Rebecca and Nick sound while they are on stage, but they also sing The Beatles, Wheatus, Ed Sheeran, Elton John and many more songs that they cover

So the video you can see above this paragraph is the aforementioned Michael Jackson cover that they have recently started doing, and as you can tell they sound amazing, what I also loved was the really friendly atmosphere and the positive vibes that these guys give, they like to have a little joke in between songs and they just have great chemistry when performing on stage for the audience too

So I really did enjoy seeing Wildfire and Kirsty enjoyed seeing them perform too, now before I wrap this blog post up you can follow Wildfire on social media so here’s there social media info in case you’d like to follow them:

Instagram: wildfiremusic_uk, rebeccamellormusic, nicktatham_music_

Facebook: Wildfire

YouTube: Wildfire UK Music

Spotify: Wildfire UK

Apple Music: Wildfire UK

iTunes: Wildfire UK

Google Play Music: Wildfire UK

So those are the all important social media sites to follow them on and you can find out all the venues where they will be playing around Dorset via their social media pages too, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and stay tuned because I have another blog post coming tomorrow at the time of writing this of another gig that I have attended in Bournemouth recently


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