SteveOfficial: Samsung Galaxy Unpacked February 2020

Welcome to this really last minute blog post here on SteveOfficial – and by last minute blog post I mean like I am writing this 11 hours before its scheduled to go up on my website, so yesterday (11th Feb) was Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked press conference where they showed off some of their new gadgets, for example a new fold up phone, their flagship handsets and some new ear buds so in this blog post that I am writing I thought I would reveal all the details that came out of the Galaxy Unpacked February 2020 press conference


So I am gonna start off by taking a look at a new phone that Samsung have recently made names Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, now this isn’t the first foldable piece of technology that is out there on the market, we also have the Galaxy Fold which folds from a smartphone into a tablet, well its a different story for the Galaxy Z Flip as it doesn’t fold out into a tablet unfortunately, but it does flip up like an old fashioned mobile phone from the early 2000s, I feel as though this smartphone is actually giving off some early 2000s vibes actually with its classic flip up style for this handset, the only thing that’s different about this phone compared to an early 2000s flip up phone is of the course the touch screen display as well as the selfie camera you get on the device too

Let’s take a look at the specs of this phone and I will start off by talking about the display itself well the Galaxy Z Flip fits nicely in the palm of your hands and when you unfold the phone it’s reveals a 6.7″ touch screen display in a full rectangle, it’s 6.5″ accounting for the round corners, on the website it has revealed that the actual viewable area is smaller due to the rounded corners and the camera hole

The good thing about the Galaxy Z Flip is that you can use it like a laptop, you can view things on the upper half of the screen while on the bottom half of the screen you can control what you see and do on the phone, another positive about this mobile handset is that you can shoot videos in the aspect ratio 16:9 widescreen in portrait mode

You can also capture some stunning photos and videos without the use of your hands by using the Galaxy Z Flip phone like a camera on a tripod, capture the perfect bright shot by using Night Mode which blends 14 shots into 4 minutes or you can capture captivating light trails with ease thanks to the Night Hyperlapse feature on the smartphones camera

You can now be able to capture a selfie within seconds thanks to the new feature that you can find on this smartphone device, and as a meter of fact you can even take one without unfolding the phone, all you need to do is press the power button and use the volume keys to capture the quality shot and then you can always tale a look at the perfect selfie on the cover screen of the Galaxy Z Flip phone

The next feature that you can find on Galaxy Z Flip is Single Take, now with this feature you can choose the perfect moment with the use of AI to create 14 different photos and videos with one press of a button, you can pick your favourite from a selection of Ultra Wide, bokeh, cropped, time lapse video and more

With the Galaxy Z Flip you can enjoy immersive video calls without having to hold your phone thanks to the new Flex Mode, All you need to do is simply half fold the Galaxy Z Flip device and place it on a table to view apps like Google Duo, and then watch on the upper half and control with the lower half of the screen

You can see apps take on a new dimension, as precise sensors on the Galaxy Z Flip means it can change how you experience apps that you view depending on whether it’s folded, half folded or or fully unfolded although there is a disclaimer here that compatibility to this feature depends on certain apps

The final key feature on Galaxy Z Flip is Hideaway Hinge, now this is a stunning innovation for the phone, which elegantly hides when folded it also uses clever sweeper structure to help prevent dust get in – and it also locks into different angles which means you can get even more from your phone

Now the Galaxy Z Flip comes in two different colours, the first colour is Mirror Purple and the second colour is Mirror Black, it also has 256GB of onboard storage but you can add additional storage thanks to a microSD Card, the cost of this handset via the companies website is £1,300 or alternately you can pay this is monthly instalments of as through the companies website you can pay £54.17 for 24 months

The Galaxy Z Flip is available to pre order now at the time of writing this blog post and will be available to buy at all good mobile network retailers from February 14th 2020


So the next product that Samsung announced during its February 2020 Galaxy Unpacked event was three devices, Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+ and finally Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Let’s take a look at the key features that you can expect to find with all three brand new devices

The first key feature on the devices is space zoom – you can zoom up to 10 times and you won’t lose the image quality of the photo that you want to take, and with S20 Ultra keep zooming up to 100 times with Super Zoom Resolution

The next key feature is 8K Video – you can now shoot videos in 8K with a huge 24FPS (Frames Per Second) and with the Single Take feature on the device you can turn them into 33MPS (Mega Pixels) stills in an instant

With Night Mode, improves sensors allows more light for brighter and more detailed night time images, Night Mode merges up to 30 pictures to produce crystal clear images with minimum noise

With Single Take you can shoot once and and choose the perfect moment, The Galaxy S20 uses AI technology to generate 14 different phots and video

Galaxy S20 supports 5G connectivity which means you can stream without lag and download with ease too

You can experience every moment in full with edge to edge clarity as a 120Hz refresh rate allows for effortless scrolling and super smooth screen transitions

Keep going all day long with the all day battery on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra thanks to its 5000 mAh battery and with its 25W Super Fast Charging you can be charged in a flash

You can enjoy laptop storage thanks to S20 Ultra’a SUPER ENORMOUS storage space as it comes in 512GB storage model and you can also extend that storage further with an 1TB Micro SD card

So those are the key features for S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra now let’s compare these models I am going to first take a look at the specifications you get with the S20


Colours: Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue, Cloud Pink

Screen Size: 6.2″ Touch Screen Display

High Resolution: 64MPS

Zoom: 30X

Battery: 4000 mAh Battery

Connectivity: 4G & 5G


Colours: Cloud Black, Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue

Screen Size: 6.7″ Touch Screen Display

High Resolution: 64MPS

Zoom: 30X

Battery: 4500 mAh Battery

Connectivity: 5G


Colours: Cloud Black and Cosmic Grey

Screen Size: 6.9″ Touch Screen Display

High Resolution: 108MPS

Zoom: 100X

Battery: 5000 mAh Battery

Connectivity: 5G

Now I am going to reveal the prices of how much these handsets do cost so I am going to start with the S20 handset first – so through the companies website you can pay for the phone for 24 months for £33.29 a month or you can buy the handset itself for £799.00 and that’s for a 128GB model

The next model with a price tag is S20+ which has 5G connectivity so through the companies website you can purchase the phone on monthly instalments for 24 months at the price of £41.63 or you can purchase the phone itself for £999.00

The next model that has a price tag is Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra now this device has two price tags so let’s start with the 128GB model as to pay for a 24 month instalment fee via the companies website it will be £49.96 a month and to buy the device itself will cost £1,199.00

The second price tag for this model is for the 512GB which through the companies website for a 24 month instalment plan it will cost £58.29 or to buy the device itself it’s an eye watering £1,399.00

You can preorder the device now at the time of writing this blog post but it will be available to purchase in all good mobile network retailers from March 13th 2020


These are priced at £159 and they are set to change the way that you experience music and sound – these are the first ever wireless earbuds with 2 way speakers that deliver Grammy Award Winning sound by AKG with rich treble and bass, an adaptive 3 mic system for crystal clear calls and long lasting battery power

Galaxy+ gives you 11 hours of play time or with the charging case gives you up to 22 hours of play time and even if you put your Galaxy Buds+ on charge for 10 minutes it would give you 3 hours of play time on a single 10 minutes of charge

You can even charge your Galaxy Buds+ on your Samsung Device thanks to its smart wireless charging feature on the back of its smartphone handsets

You can also use your smartphone to check how much battery life you have left on your Galaxy Buds+ on either bud or the charging case so you know when to power up

You can get Galaxy Buds+ in three different colours, Black, White and Blue and you can also adjust how much of the outside world you let in to stay aware and connected, you can turn up Ambient sound volume when you need to engage your surroundings without the need to take the earbuds out of your ears so you can still enjoy the music you love to listen to while engaging to the surroundings around you

You can also tap the Galaxy Buds+ to control what it is you request – a single tap is to play and pause a certain track you’re listening to, a double tap is to play the next song and receive and end calls, a triple tap is to go to the previous song and you can touch and hold to perform user set functions

Galaxy Buds+ are available to pre order now at the time of writing this blog post and will be available to purchase from February 14th 2020

So there we go that’s all the details that came from Samsung Galaxy Unpacked on February 11th 2020 I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post.


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