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Welcome back to SteveOfficial’s blogging website – in this blog post today I will be reviewing the series Hannah Montana which is available to watch right now on Disney+ in the UK and worldwide (some countries may vary)

I can’t believe I have actually watched this show well binged this show late last year in 2020… I mean it’s a good show it’s a guilty pleasure that’s for sure but growing up I actually hated this show it was my sister who was a Hannah Montana fan, she was always listening to the music from Hannah Montana and always watching the show everytime it was on Disney Channel when we were growing up

Admittedly I do remember watching the final season of Hannah Montana on Disney Channel when it first aired on TV and it was actually a pretty good season it was the final season and without spoiling it let’s just say some secrets never stay secret forever

So if you’re wondering what this show is about well it follows Miley a teenage schoolgirl by day and a singing pop sensation by night, I think the thing is with some of these Disney Channel shows that I will be reviewing on my blogging website is the fact that Disney at the time was probably going through a phase where they were thinking of shows that involve secrets staying secret just look at Wizards of Waverley Place which I reviewed in my last blog post – that was about a family of wizards who had to keep that a secret from everyone else well it’s the same with this show – Miley must keep her secret identity as Hannah Montana a secret from everyone else

Like Wizards Of Waverley Place though Miley does find it very difficult to keep her secret… a secret. And in the very first episode actually her best friend Lily finds out that her best friend is Hannah Montana

This show does Star Miley Cyrus (this show started off her acting career and singing career as well) and also stars her real life father Billy Ray Cyrus as well as Emily Osment

I definitely recommend this show because although like I said earlier in the blog post it is a guilty pleasure but at the same time it a childhood classic (not so much for me) but for many other people reading this though it is a childhood classic

Hannah Montana is available to watch right now on Disney+ in the UK and worldwide (some countries may vary)


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