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Hello and welcome to this next blog post that I have for you guys to read – so today in this blog post that you’re about to read I’m gonna talk about TV show binges.

I absolutely love a good TV show binge (and who doesn’t) I mean we have all these various streaming services now which gives us spoilt for choice in terms of what we watch on TV for example you have some fantastic shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and BritBox as well.

At the beginning of 2020 I was gonna do something called “Year Of Binge” where I was gonna binge watch various shows throughout 2020 (this was just before the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic which took hold in March 2020) and I was gonna binge watch various shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy etc. I did start doing the binge watch but then for a while I got a little busy

However when we got to July 2020 I decided to return back to doing the binge watch after “giving up” after starting the so called “Year Of Binge” for the first month or two in 2020 – But in July 2020 I decided to go back to doing the binge watch again and so far I have actually kept to my word of doing the binge watch – admittedly I do have a list of shows on my phone that I am going down the list and ticking off to say that I have watched them as soon as I have finished watching them – so far since July 2020 I have binged 51 shows out of 222 shows (I still have so many left to go) I don’t think I will finish my TV show binges by July 2021 – I have a feeling that this TV show binge watch that I have decided to do will go well into 2022 to be honest but that doesn’t bother me a lot to be honest it means that it’s giving me a lot of shows to watch over the course of 2021

Given that right now at the time of writing that article that we are being told to stay at hone now is the perfect time to start binge watching shows and whether that’s on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ or even BritBox it’s the perfect time to pass the time by watching some of your favourite shows and what I can say and this is the good thing about the streaming services that we have today is that there is always something for everyone and I am so thankful to have these various streaming services – I do admittedly have Netflix, Amazon Prime, BritBox and Disney+ but that doesn’t bother me the fact that I am paying for various streaming services it just means that I am spoilt for choice when it comes to bingeing various shows on those various streaming services

What you are going to find in future blog posts that I will be writing hopefully later in February 2021 I will be writing various reviews of shows that I have watched because I would like you guys to know my thoughts and opinions on various shows that I have watched recently and maybe it will give you an idea on the shows that I do like to watch and maybe it will also be the ideal recommendation for you to sit and watch the show that I have watched and reviewed on my blogging website

At the time of writing this blog post I am currently watching Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated and what I like about this series is the fact that you get some episodes that do tie in together and there is some tunes where the episode ends on a cliffhanger and you’re left wanting more which is really nice if you’re interested in watching this show for yourself then please give it a watch it’s available on Amazon Prime Video here in the UK and another thing I can say is the animation in this show is absolutely fantastic it does look so fresh and modern and more recent as well

There are so many more upcoming shows that I am looking forward to bingeing to be honest over the next few months including some of the Marvel shows that I have never got round to watching on Netflix like Luke Cage and Jessica Jones as well so there’s shoes like them which I am looking forward to bingeing over the next few months but I am also looking forward to watching some of the shows that are coming to the recently announce Star section of Disney+ which launches on February 23rd in the UK, Europe and Australia so again there’s gonna be shows from that where as soon as I have finished bingeing them I will review them and post it on my blogging website

As a matter of fact starting from the week commencing 8th February I will be posting my review of various TV shows that I have binged so far since July 2020 so that you guys know my thoughts abs opinions on those shows and maybe that will be able to give you the chance to watch some of these shows as well

That’s everything from me for today’s blog post so thank you for reading and I hope to speak to you guys again soon


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