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Welcome to a new blog post from SteveOfficial in this blog post I will be writing about my review of 1812 in Bournemouth which I costed on Friday 8th November 2019. The event started off with a complimentary glass of champagne when I arrived there, the champagne was absolutely lovely and the atmosphere was very lively and had a very nice vibe to it too

This was the view from the seating area where I was sat you had a nice long view of the entire room which was filled with people from the press as this event was a press event, I really loved the colour schemes and the lighting as well, I thought the lighting was dim but I didn’t mind because it had such a nice effect to the bar and to the room and with the music playing in the background it had a very nice vibe to the dim lighting that was in the room.

This was one of the guys who performed on stage throughout the press launch evening of the 1812 in Bournemouth opening he had a lovely voice and was awesome at playing the guitar too

Live music is heard at this venue but it’s not just singers that can come along and sing through the microphone during the press launch there was also a bit of jazz playing on stage there was a couple of songs that I could instantly recognise that the saxophonist was playing up on stage throughout the evening

1812 in Bournemouth have their own kitchen bar which is actually separated from the actual bar itself it looked really lovely on the inside of the kitchen bar and you have a nice view of the kitchen and you can actually see the food that you ordered being prepared while you sit and wait for your order to appear on your table

Throughout the night I was offered by the lovely bar and kitchen staff at 1812 in Bournemouth to try some of their canapés and desserts that they have I must say that the goats cheese canapés were absolutely enjoyable and I also enjoyed the various desserts that they had to offer including Apple crumble

I had a good look through the cocktails menu and not only does it tell you how much their cocktails, beers and ciders cost but it also gives you a little insight into the history of Bournemouth itself, as you can see in the second image above this paragraph Bournemouth was first discovered in 1812 hence the name of the venue is called 1812 and it even gives you the date of when Bournemouth was first founded which was 24th April 1812

So these were the two drinks that I had from the bar as it was a free bar at the press launch of 1812 in Bournemouth I went for a Corona Extra first and then I tried an Aspall Cyder which I had never tried before, Aspall Cyder is absolutely delicious and it’s definitely a cider that I would have again when I next go back to the venue

I spotted a chandelier in the 1812 Bournemouth venue and thought it was a lovely added touch to the venue it is very pretty and I just love the way how it sparkles too – it really does brighten up the room

Throughout the night I was posting on social media about the venue to let people know who live around d the Bournemouth area that the venue is now open, 1812 in Bournemouth actually opened at 9pm on the night of this event but of course myself and the press were lucky enough to have an early access and take some photos for our blogs and columns – I really did enjoy this night out and 1812 is definitely the place to go if you want somewhere that’s uplifting and has a nice vibe to it too, I would definitely recommend that you visit 1812 today in Bournemouth

I just wanna thank 1812 in Bournemouth for inviting me along to the event and to also thank Bournemouth Bloggers for giving me the opportunity to attend this event too


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