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Hello and welcome to my blog post about EastEnders 35th Anniversary Special, now I’m not one to normally write blog posts about TV shows, yes I do write blogs about movies, music, and places that I have visited recently but I thought to celebrate a milestone for one of British TVs popular soaps based in London I thought I would write a blog about the episodes that you can expect to see on screen this week

Now there’s been so much drama over the last 35 years in Albert Square. Walford, where the show is based, we’ve had affairs, murders, and even lies being exposed on the soap, and this week (week commencing 17th Feb) there’s set to be even more drama for the residents of Albert Square as they board a boat on the River Thames

This storyline was teased at the start of the year when Mick and Linda Carter, landlord and landlady of the iconic Queen Vic pub in Albert Square, announced to the residents that they won a best pub competition and the prize was to celebrate their win by boarding a boat with all their regular punters on the River Thames to celebrate – and now this storyline is set to come to a head as the show celebrates its 35th Anniversary

There’s been a lot of storylines that have been building up to this, Linda Carter has an alcohol problem, which she’s denying, Sharon Mitchell is pregnant with Keanu Taylor’s baby, after cheating on Phil Mitchell, and she’s set to give birth to that baby in the Anniversary weeks episodes, Phil found out that the baby wasn’t his at Christmas 2019 and ordered for Keanu to be killed, as his son Ben hired someone from the Square to kill Keanu at Christmas, he chose not to, and while a drunken Linda was also around, she cane up with the idea for Keanu to fake his own death and run away, so Linda and Martin Fowler, recorded a video pretending to shoot Keanu and then Keanu did a runner at Christmas, he recently returned to the Square and kidnapped Ben Mitchell’s boyfriend Callum Highway, and winter release him until he’s given £100,000 to start a new life

Bobby Beale is also expected to be at the forefront of the anniversary storylines too, as he’s been subjected to racial abuse online and a gang will find out who he is and target him to a brutal beating which ends up with him being in hospital with emergency surgery, meanwhile his father Ian Beale who recently disowned him, will find out the news and won’t take it down too well as he ends up boarding the River Thames Boat Party and he’s in no mood to party because he’s a man on a mission, to find the culprit of Bobbys abuse and take violent revenge on them

Meanwhile Ian’s other son, Peter is expected to return during the anniversary weeks episodes too, after splitting up with his on and off girlfriend Lauren Branning off screen, Peter was last seen in Albert Square five years ago after finding out the real culprit behind his twin sister Lucy Beale’s murder was his little brother Bobby Beale and decided to move away to New Zealand, Lauren was last seen on screen in 2018 after attending her sister Abi’s funeral after she fell from the Queen Vic roof on Christmas Day 2017, which means Lauren went back to New Zealand to be with her on off partner Peter up until now, as Peter comes home to support Bobby while he’s in hospital it’s also revealed that he split with girlfriend Lauren again

That brings me on to the next major storyline for the week which is The Brannings, so Jack Branning has found out about Lauren and Peters split, he’s been supporting Lauren with the breakup, and hasn’t told Lauren’s father Max Branning, which is Jacks brother, that she’s been really upset over the breakup, Jacks girlfriend Denise finds out about him secretly supporting Lauren during this tough time and urges him to tell Max the truth about Lauren and Peters split, he ends up revealing all to Max on the boat and it doesn’t go down too well with Max as they end up getting into a violent fight as Jack ends up punching Max

I wanna move on to The Trueman’s another storyline which has been going on for a little while is Patrick’s wife’s son Isaac, he was revealed to be Sheree’s son on Christmas Day 2019 and Patrick recently found out that Issac is his son, but Issac must never know, as Issac, Patrick and Sheree all attend the boat party, Patrick really wants to tell Issac that he’s his son, after getting fed up of the way how Issac treats him, with Sheree still persistent on Patrick not telling Issac about his real father, will Patrick go ahead and tell Issac the truth? Or is it too late?

The Slaters are also set to appear on the boat too, and with Dotty Cotton, daughter of the late Nick Cotton, recently giving Martin and Sonia Fowler’s daughter Bex Fowler some pills, will she give Bex more pills for the boat party? That’s yet to be seen but the character Bex has had a past with drugs after nearly taking her own life late last year after struggling with the pressure of University, but as EastEnders revisits the storyline, could something tragic be about to happen to Bex Fowler?

Mick and Linda Carter are also taking centre stage during the anniversary weeks episodes too as not only are thy eh hosting the boy party but Linda’s alcoholism storyline is also taking centre stage, after Mock Carter signs the divorce papers that Linda handed to him a few weeks ago, he’s left reeling from that, Linda is also paranoid after she spots Whitney Dean and Mick grow closer, long time viewers will know that Mick and Whitney shared a kiss a couple of years ago but could that be reignited again?

Whitney calls for Micks help after previously killing her stalker Leo King, Leo King is the son of Tony King, the man who groomed Whitney when she was a child, To y killed himself in prison in 2013 and Leo cane to Albert Square last autumn, he briefly had a short relationship with Whitney until she found out who his real identity is, since then he has continually stalked her everywhere she goes, and was creepily in her attic spying her every move around the house in recent episodes until they came face to face for one final showdown which resorted to Whitney stabbing him in the chest and killing him – as Whitney has blood on her hands and a dead body, what will she do next?

I’m going to return back to Phil, Ben and Keanu’s storyline because Phil has been off screen in EastEnders for a little while, after he helped get his daughter Louise and her mum Lisa, which is Phil’s ex, out of Walford and start a new life in Portugal, as you know from earlier in this blog Keanu returned, now Keanu is Louises ex fiancé, after thy way broadly split he had an affair with Phils wife Sharon and got her pregnant, Louise also got pregnant from Keanu before their brief split, and so got back together with him, as Louise found out about what he did on Christmas Day 2019 he helped her dad with his revenge plan, as you know that revenge plan didn’t work

So with Phil back in Walford he knows that Keanu is still out there and is determined to track him down, as Phil gets lead to the Boat Party on the Thames along with his son Ben, all three of them are set to have one final showdown, but their actions lead to devastating consequences on board the boat

This is the moment that the captain on the boat tells the residents of Albert Square that an incident has occurred and as you can tell the residents of Albert Square are all left horrified by what he has told them

It’s been confirmed that during the anniversary weeks episodes a character will plunge into the River Thames from the boat and they won’t resurface, several characters will be on the line during the week so it could be any character on board the boat who dies – the identity of the character who does die won’t be revealed until the end of the weeks episode which will be Friday (21st Feb)

This is how the week of episodes will go, on Monday’s episodes it will centre around The Carter’s and The Trueman’s, on Tuesdays episodes it will centre around The Beale’s and The Brannings and on Thursdays episodes it will centre around The Mitchell’s and The Fowler’s with Friday’s episode being the aftermath of the incident that occurs on the boat, now all first three episodes of the week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday will be the same 24 hours but in the eyes of different characters, and then like I said before Friday’s episode will be centred around the aftermath of the incident that occurs on board the boat

So what a way to celebrate 35 years of drama on Albert Square – and here’s to another drama filled 35 years in Albert Square too – it all kicks off in EastEnders Monday 17th February 2020 at 8pm on BBC One here in the UK


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