SteveOfficial: Happy Gilmore Movie Review

Hello and welcome to the next movie that I ha e been watching on Netflix which I will be reviewing here on my website SteveOfficial which is called Happy Gilmore, a movie that was released about 24 years ago (1996) and stars Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore and I didn’t know this until I started watching the beginning of the movie but Ben Stiller also stars in this movie too

The movie is about a hockey player who takes up a game of golf and enters the golf tournaments in order to win a big sum of prize money in order to save his grandma from getting evicted permanently from her home, but does he win the huge sum of money and bail his grandma out? Well you’ll have to find out for yourself by watching the movie

This is the first time that I have ever watched this movie and it’s such a good movie, a lot of people don’t really like any of the Adam Sandler movies and I don’t understand why they would hate this movie because I found it really hilarious to watch and it does contain some really funny moments in the movie too

I would definitely recommend this movie for friends and family to watch because it’s a classic movie, it’s a comedic movie which as you can tell from the last few blog posts that I have been writing that I have been watching a few of those movies lately on Netflix and I know there’s gonna be plenty more comedy films that I’ll be reviewing very soon as well, but it’s a good movie with a good storyline added to it too


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