SteveOfficial: The Babysitter Netflix Movie Review

Welcome to the next movie review on my blogging website SteveOfficial which is for the Netflix movie called The Babysitter

Now how I have only come across this movie now and not a few years ago when this movie was released I will never know, this movie was released on the streaming service Netflix in 2017 and it has taken me up until now to discover this movie

I don’t think I have besides 6 Underground which I reviewed a few days ago on my blogging website (go check that out) but I don’t think aside from that movie I have ever laughed at any other Netflix movie as much as I did with this movie

I found this movie to be hilariously funny from start to finish and it some places it was also deemed really gory and scary in some places too but I really did enjoy this movie and would totally recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys horror but at the same time also enjoys comedy movies too

The movie is about a 12 year old boy called Cole who’s parents go away for the weekend and leaves him with a babysitter while they are away for the weekend, he never knows what she gets up to when he is in bed asleep so one night decides to stay up and find out what she gets up to when he is asleep only to be left horrified that she’s part of satanic cult of some sort, the look on his face though when he finds out is absolutely priceless and made me laugh so badly

The ending actually leaves the movie open ended and I can reveal that the movie is set to get a sequel which we should hopefully see around October time on Netflix later this year, as soon as I know that movie is released on Netflix I will definitely be giving it a watch and I will definitely be reviewing it here on my blog as well, I just hope that the second movie has the same comedy and same scary and gory vibes as the first movie did because if it does then expect another very positive movie review later in the year for the sequel to this movie

I can also be pleased to say that the original cast members will be back to play their roles in the second movie although I’m not sure how that’s possible when most of the original character dies in the first movie, so it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out in the sequel as well

The Babysitter is available to stream on Netflix now


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