SteveOfficial: The Shires – Good Years Album Review

Here’s an unexpected album that I was going to be writing, I actually wasn’t planning on writing a review for this album and you know what to give you the honest truth here on my blog post I wasn’t even going to give this album a listen to but you know what? I am so glad that I have actually changed my mind and given this album a listen to and in this blog post you’re going to find out why

So why did I decide to change my mind? Let’s start this blog post off by asking and answering that all important question… I changed my mind and gave this album a chance because I was actually watching TV the other day and this band called The Shires popped up on TV, they were being interviewed on BBC Breakfast, and they played a clip of one of their songs that features on the album, and I just liked the way how they sounded in that clip that they showed on BBC Breakfast so I decided to get straight onto my Apple Music app and give this album a listen to, and that’s what I have done and you know what I have even download the album so it’s even in my library as well

Now I am so glad that I have given this album a chance because I actually really love this album, yeah it’s under the Country genre of music and I’m actually not the hugest fan of country style music, but I do really love this album and that’s because the artists who form up as The Shires are amazing and they have really lovely vocal chords too, This is a really good album and it does actually have some upbeat music too which is also an added bonus

So we have got to that point in the album review here on my blogging website where we find out what tracks makes up this album titled Good Years by The Shires so without further ado the tracks that can be found on the album are:

– Lightning Strikes

– On The Day I Die

– Good Years

– No Secrets

– About Last Night

– New Year

– Only Always

– Independence Day

– Thank You Whiskey

– People Like Us

– Better Place

– Crazy Days

This album has a total number of 12 tracks on the album and has a running time of 41 minutes, and I must say those are the best 41 minutes of music that I have heard on an album over the last couple of weeks I’m not going to lie because it’s just such a feel good and upbeat album, and it’s just a fantastic album

So would I recommend this album to my friends and family? Yes of course I would recommend this album to my friends and family as long as they don’t mind listening to country music of course, although I don’t think I know a lot of people who love country music to be honest but for those who do love country music this album is definitely for them and I certainly did enjoy it to the point that this will be one of those albums that I will be having on repeat over and over again


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