SteveOfficial: Big Daddy Movie Review

It’s time for another movie review on my blogging website and it’s another Adam Sandler movie that I am reviewing, of course regular readers will know earlier this week I reviewed Happy Gilmore, well this is the second Adam Sandler movie that I have watched recently and you can stream the movie itself on the streaming service Netflix

So this movie I found funny and at the same time very heartwarming and there was one moment in the movie that I also found very heartbreaking too, so about halfway through the movie reach over for the tissues because there is a heartbreaking moment in this movie that you’ll definitely be reaching for the tissues

So this movie stars Adam Sandler a s a guy called Sonny who adopts a boy named Julian and tries to have a family with his current girlfriend Vanessa, this plan backfired though when Vanessa ends their relationship as she’s found a much older guy who has a “five year plan” so instead Sonny decides to raise the boy on his own and teaches him how to have fun and how to have a good time

At first Sonny isn’t sure about having this adopted child after his split up but then he starts to form a bond with Julian and even making sure that Julian feels okay with everything such as his name for example which Julian didn’t liked and so instead decided he wanted to be called Frankenstein

I like to think of this movie as one for the family despite it having a 12 age dating, I still think this movie is heartwarming in places and also funny in some places as well so would I recommend this movie to friends and family? Well even though the movie was released in 1999 and I have only seen this movie recently I would still recommend that people who have never seen this movie before should watch it because it’s a lovely and beautiful movie and like I say the movie does have some heartwarming and light comedy in it at the same time which makes the movie even better


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