SteveOfficial: Easter 2020 Message

Hello all it’s gonna be a very short blog post from me today – it’s Sunday 12th April 2020 and it’s Easter Sunday, I’m not at work today because I work in a supermarket and supermarkets are shut on Easter Sunday, that’s the only time supermarkets are shut here in the UK as well as on Christmas Day as well, so very lucky to have the day off, today will just be a day of chilling out and just not doing a lot besides I still can’t do much neither because of the lockdown that we are in at the time of writing this blog

Today probably doesn’t feel like Easter because of the fact that people can’t do Easter egg hunts with their family or friends, and that we can’t go and see family or friends because of the lockdown situation that we are in, it’s kind of a weird world that we live in right now and I do hope that it won’t be long now until things at least start to go back to normality

These last few weeks have been very tough for me not being able to see my partner Kirsty, and only being able to video call her even though she lives a 20 minute walk away from my house, it’s very difficult right now, and for many others who don’t live with their partners I am sure you’ll all agree reading this that you wish you could be there for them to look after them, to care for them and to keep them safe because right now that’s how I am feeling

It’s also feeling very weird that I can’t like many of you be able to go out to any social events neither, because if none of this ever happened then by now I wouldn’t be spending my day off work at home I would probably be going to the cinema to watch a movie that’s just come out or even seeing my girlfriend and we would probably be going to a venue or something together in Bournemouth so very difficult times right now but what needs to be done has to be done

I hope that you all have a fantastic day on this Easter Sunday and hope you all get a visit from the Easter bunny… now time to go out into the back garden and collect my eggs from the Easter bunny… stay safe and look after yourselves everyone!!


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