Shazam FIRST LOOK Review


Welcome to this EXCLUSIVE blog post that I have ever written, I went to the cinema on Wednesday 27th March 2019 to go and see a FIRST LOOK at the movie Shazam.

Shazam is a superhero movie which starts off a little bit like the first Harry Potter movie, the first scene we see a father, brother and a young boy (who by the way looks like a young Daniel Radcliffe) in a car, the young boy is then seen zooming in this car and is taken to a mysterious place where he finds a wizard that can give him special powers, I won’t reveal what happens next as I do not wish to spoil the movie for those who are interested in seeing the film when its released on April 5th 2019. This is the setup for the film, this is how it starts.

There are a few references in the film as this is a DC superhero movie, the references are Superman, Batman and there is even a little reference to Harry Potter which is the vibes that I felt when I was watching the first scene of the film.

I can also give away another un fact and that is that the actor who played Billy Benson (The kid in the film) Asher Angel, tweeted me on Twitter just before I went to see the film and said ‘hope you enjoy’ which was really nice of him to tweet this to me. MV5BMGY0ZDczMDgtODhhMi00YzllLTg5NWEtYjYxOTU2MDk5ZTY3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXRyYW5zY29kZS13b3JrZmxvdw@@._V1_UX477_CR0,0,477,268_AL_

Even though this film is a superhero movie it has got loads of comedy in it and when I saw this film in the cinemas it seemed to be getting a positive reaction from other people who were watching it with me, lots of laughter and lots of funny lines can be heard within the movie.

The film also has a lot of action in the film like what any other superhero movie would and I can also reveal that if you stick around long enough when the credits begin to roll you will find a post credits scene at the end which I feel as though there could be a sequel to this movie as I felt the post credits scene set up another movie for Shazam.

I felt honoured and privileged to get to see this film before anybody else as I got to see this nine days before the original release of the movie in cinemas, Shazam is definitely a film that I would recommend my blog readers to go and watch because it is funny and quite a heart warming film. at the same time, it has a bit of a backstory between Billy and his parents as well so there is a little bit of emotion in the film as well as the comedy.

Shazam is in cinemas on April 5th 2019. 


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