SteveOfficial: Olly Murs You Know I Know Album Review


I absolutely love listening to Olly Murs I have so many songs that I absolutely love from this artist regardless of whether thats Heart Skips A Beat, Dance With Me Tonight, Thinking Of Me and Army Of Two, there are so many songs that I have heard countless times from Olly Murs’ past Albus and that is why I really am happy with the fact he has released this new album

So this album is slightly different and the reason why is because its an album which is sort of a greatest album and also a new album at the same time. There are two sides of the album so theres the “You Know” side of the album which are songs that we all know and love by the artist that we have all heard on past albums or songs that we have heard on the radio before whether thats Heart Skips A Beat or Thinking Of Me etc and then theres also the “I Know” some pop the album which are songs that we have never heard before but they are songs that Olly Murs knows because he has recently wrote them and made them on to the album.

There are a few songs that I do love from the “I Know” some of the album which I have fallen in love with and those songs are Moves, Maria and Footsteps. Moves has such a nice beat to it and not only that but this song features Snoop Dogg on it and also is the official track for the film Johnny English Strikes Again which was released in cinemas earlier this year (at the time of writing this blog post) Maria is one of those songs that is quite catchy and can get stuck in your head if you hear it a few times I think there has been times where I have been walking down a street or whilst I have been at work and I have been there singing parts of the song slightly out loud or just in my head. Then there is the really catchy song Footsteps which I do believe is a future chart topping hit to be honest because its got such a good beat to it and its very catchy and I mean very catchy “I’m taking footsteps over to the girl at the bar” is part of the chorus lyrics and honestly its just really catchy and now that I have typed them lyrics I can’t stop singing them neither now.

So there we go that was my album review for Only Murs You Know I Know which I think is an absolutely amazing album as its a partial greatest hits album and a partial new album at the same time!!!


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