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Hello and welcome to my next Blog post here on SteveOfficial it feels like a while since I last did an album review for my blogging website but can reveal that I have heard some new albums recently and so I thought I would review those albums over the next few days here on my blog so I am going to start with this album that I have recently been listening to which is called Lauv with How I’m Feeling

Now this album has been out for a few weeks and I have kept meaning to sit down and give this album a listen to but you know what now that I have sat down and gave this album a listening to, I am so glad that I have and I’ll tell you why, because even though I have never heard of this artist before but he sounds so perfect I really love his vocals, he has an amazing vocal range in his songs and you know what I think there are some songs taken from this album that could be future hits that we could all be listening to on the radio

When listening to this artist I am getting those Sam Smith vibes, although with this artist his songs are a lot more upbeat and less emotional than what Sam Smith is, now I’m not taking swipe here for Sam Smith because don’t get me wrong he’s a fantastic artist too but most of his songs I will admit are more of the tug on your heartstrings songs but whereas with Lauv his songs have got an upbeat vibe to most of the songs that he has on his album

I could literally have this album on repeat I’m not going to lie because it’s so upbeat and it’s certainly up there with some of the great albums I have already heard this year and we are at the time of writing this blog post three months into the year, so I think it’s time for me to reveal to the blog readers out there what songs you can expect to hear when listening to How I’m Feeling by Lauv if you are yet to heard this now I will give you a warning that some of these songs do have explicit words in the titles so read on at your own risk and of course some songs on this album are explicit too which I will reveal which ones are after I reveal the full tracklisting of the album, so let’s take a look at the tracks on the album How I’m Feeling by Lauv and they are:

– Drugs & The Internet

– fuck, I’m lonely

– Lonely Eyes

– Sims

– Believed

– Billy

– Feelings

– Canada

– For Now

– Mean It

– Tell Me Mama

– Sweatpants

– Who

– I’m so tired…

– El Tejano

– Tattoos Together

– Changes

– Sad Forever

– Invisible Things

– Julia

– Modern Loneliness

So that’s all the songs that you can expect to find on the album How I’m Feeling by Lauv now if you’re wondering how many tracks that is, that’s a total of 21 tracks on his new album How I’m Feeling and the running time of the album is 1 hour and 7 mins long so let’s take a look at the songs that are explicit and they are:

– Drugs & The Internet

– fuck, I’m Lonely

– Sims

– Sweatpants

– El Tejano

– Tattoos Together

– Modern Loneliness

Those are the songs that have got explicit words within the track just as a little warning that the album does have those songs where they are explicit, the rest of the songs on the album are safe to listen to around anybody including the children

Now this album does come with some collaborations from the likes of Anne Marie who sings with Lauv on the song fuck, I’m lonely and BTS sing with Lauv on the track titled Who and Lauv also sings with Alessia Cara on the track called Canada

Now normally on my album review I tend to tell you my thoughts on the songs that I think are really good to listen to but if I did tell you that on my blog I would be here forever telling you about the songs that I enjoyed listening to on this album and I don’t want this blog post to run on and on but I will tell you that Sweatpants, El Teljano, Drugs & The Internet, fuck. I’m lonely, Tell My Mama and Tattoos Together are the songs that you should really listen to, especially El Teljano because that’s a very Spanish swaying song that will definitely get your hips moving that’s for sure

So there we have it that’s my review for Lauv’s new album titled How I’m Feeling which is available to download and purchase on iTunes and Google Play Music, it’s also available to buy on CD in all good retailers and of course you can stream the album on streaming services Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and Amazon Music


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