SteveOfficial: The Weeknd – After Hours Album Review

Welcome to your next album review here on my blogging website SteveOfficial I apologise if you have just fainted and just came back round after seeing the image above this paragraph (didn’t mean to frighten you all here) but yes this is the album cover for The Weeknd’s new album called After Hours which has recently been released and you’re able to purchase this album through iTunes and Google Play Music and is also available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music and Amazon Music as well

I think I’ll start off by talking about this album cover for the album After Hours by The Weeknd because it’s a very graphic looking album cover in my opinion, I normally wouldn’t talk about album covers on my blog but this one has my attention because of the bloodied face that you can see on the cover of the album, it looks like the guy asked someone to badly beat him up before he posed for this photo and thought I’ll use this image for my next album cover, I don’t know what went through his mind when he decided to have that photo as an album cover and really I don’t wanna know what went through his mind when he thought this would be an ideal album cover but it’s an album cover it’s his music his masterpiece his album and I’ll say no more about it

Now I really did enjoy this album despite the look of the cover of the album the songs are really nice and some that are really feel good but there’s so much heart and soul that goes into the music that I can tell, I have heard of The Weeknd many times, I have heard some of his music before on the radio because he has had some chart topping hits in the past but I have never actually listened to any of his albums apart from this one that you’re reading about now, so I don’t know if it’s just this album that’s full of heart and soul or there’s other albums that he’s done in the past which have the same vibe to them

So let’s take a look at the full track listing for the album so that you know what songs you can expect to find on the album if you decide to give this album a listen yourself and the tracks are:

– Alone Again

– Too Late

– Hardest To Love

– Scared To Live

– Snowchild

– Escape From LA

– Heartless

– Faith

– Blinding Lights

– In Your Eyes

– Save Your Tears

– Repeat After Me

– After Hours

– Until I Bleed Out

So that’s the track listings for the album After Hours by The Weeknd and the album consists of 14 tracks and the running time for the album is 56 minutes long, makes me wonder now if the last song on the album Until I Bleed Out is actually the inspiration behind his album cover, that’s a very strong talking point of this blog as you can tell because I just can’t get over the imagery he used for the album cover

There is only one song on the album which a lot of people will recognise because at the time of writing this blog it’s currently the song that’s in the top 10 UK charts right now, that song is called Blinding Lights which I do agree it’s a chart topping hit and it’s such a feel good song which is what we need right now at the time of writing this giving the situation we are in, we all need those feel good songs to keep us going

So there we have it, that’s my review for the album After Hours by The Weeknd that I would totally recommend to my friends to listen to because it’s still a really good album that seems to have a lot of heart and soul that went into the album, which is really good and it’s one album that I would totally listen to again


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