SteveOfficial: Tori Kelly – Inspired By True Events Album Review

Welcome to the next album review on my blogging website, this album review comes with a little bit of a backstory

So it was Sunday morning… I was checking through Instagram as a matter of fact I was checking through people’s Instagram stories and I care across this one story from my friend Katy, who I have known on social media for many years and who lives out in Canada, she posted a song from this album and it sounded so good my ears opened up when I heard this woman’s voice on the Instagram story so checked her out on Apple Music and decided to add her recent album to my library and have given this album a listen which is why now I am ready to give this album a review – for those interested the song that I heard from this album on the Instagram story was called Languages

So I have never heard of this artist before up until recently when I gave this album a listen to and I must admit I am so glad that I have discovered this artist, which is a good thing, I am always up for discovering new and talented artists and I must admit that this woman is very talented and is such an amazing singer

When she sings various songs on this album she uses her vocals very broadly on this album and it does give me chills and it does give me goosebumps at times as well, something that an album hasn’t given me for a while, for those interested in knowing this album wasn’t released this year, this was released last year in 2019

It’s now that time of the blog where I reveal the track listing for this album in case you do decide to give this album a listen to yourself so here’s the songs you can hear on this album:

– Coffee

– 12/16/1992

– Change Your Mind

– Language

– 2 Places

– 8/28/1997

– Kid I Used To Know

– Pretty Fades

– 3/2/1991

– Sorry Would Go A Long Way

– Actress

– The Lie

– Until I Think Of You

– 3/26/1994

– Your Words

– Before The Dawn

– Until Forever

– Minute To Myself

So that’s all the songs you can expect to find on the album Inspired By True Events by Tori Kelly, the album consists of 18 songs and the running time for the album is 52 minutes long

What I love about this album it does have some slow songs and it does also feature some really good songs that are definitely feel good in my eyes and ones that you can get up and dance to but what I also love is those specific tracks where we get to hear these little clips of Tori as a child, it’s such a sweet and beautiful thing to do within an album is have old clips of you talking to your parents on an album that you have created it’s just so sweet

The album is available to purchase on iTunes and on Google Play Music, it’s also available to stream on Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and Spotify


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