SteveOfficial: Due Date Movie Review

This is the next movie that I will be reviewing for my blogging website SteveOfficial – the movie that I have recently watched is called Due Date and its available to watch on the streaming service Netflix right now

Due Date is another movie that I have recently watched which I have found hilariously funny, there truly are some laugh out loud moments which I’ll tell you a few of those in a few moments but first I wanna talk about who stars in the movie – it features Robert Downey Jr who is well known for playing Tony Stark AKA Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the movie also stars Zach Galifianakis who is well known for being in the movie The Hangover

The movie is about these two guys called Ethan and Peter who come across each other on the plane, they end up being on the no fly zone list, Peters other half is pregnant with his child and is due to give birth to his baby any day and he must get home before she goes into labour but does he arrive home in time or is he too late? Well I won’t reveal that because otherwise I’ll be spoiling the movie for those who haven’t yet seen it

There are some good moments in the movie including some scenes such as when Peter and Ethan drink Ethans dead fathers ashes in some coffee, the scene after that where Peter says to Ethan “I’m sorry for drinking your father” was such a hilarious line in the movie – there was also a scene which shows Ethan “jacking off” and also sees his dog called Sunny sat at the back of the car also “jacking himself off” as well and the look on Peters face seeing the dog do that to himself was hilarious – I also love the scene where both Peter and Ethan get high while driving and then you see the dog in the back looking very blazed as well that was another hilarious scene in the movie

The movie had some very different movie posters before the movie was released and the one above this paragraph is one of the posters released before the movie came out I will now show you the other posters that were released to promote the movie

So those are the other posters that was released before the movie hit the big screen – so like I say this movie was hilariously funny and I would totally recommend this movie to friends and family especially those who live Robert Downey Jr, who looks very young looking in this movie which I reckon the did this before his Iron Man days began

Due Date is available to watch on Netflix now


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