SteveOfficial: The Suite Life On Deck Review

Hello all and welcome back to another blog post on my blogging website that is SteveOfficial so yesterday (13th Feb) I did a blog post about The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody which by the way is one of my childhood Disney classics well here we are today reviewing the series The Suite Life On Deck which is a spin-off show to The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody – May I also add at the time of writing this blog post that today is Valentines Day (14th Feb) so a massive happy Valentines Day to all my readers reading this blog post

Moving on to the blog post then and if you’re wondering what this show is about well it’s actually about the next chapter I would like to think of Zack & Cody, they basically attend Seven Seas High School and in this series we actually see them grow up from being these wild crazy kids and teenagers to these more mature adults which is nice to see – of course there’s a few characters from The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody who have roles in this show too such as Mr Moseby who ran the Tipton hotel in the main series – well he is now the captain of the boat – you also have London Tipton as well – the hotel owners daughter in the main series – she joins the spin off show as she is also sent to the same school as Zack & Cody

This series does also introduce us to some new and very rememberable characters because they are very charismatic – they definitely do have a personality to their names and they are easily memorable too in the series so you have Bailey (who ends up becoming Cody’s girlfriend later in the series) and you also have Woody as well who appears to be really good friends with Zack & Cody as the series goes on and follows in their footsteps to get into all sorts of mischief and trouble throughout the series

The show is set on a bot but that doesn’t mean the entire show is set on the boat because the characters do travel to various parts of the world to explore and get up to all sorts of mischief so it’s not all set on board the S.S Tipton

I must say that this show I would recommend to everyone who has Disney+ because once again this show is a childhood favourite of mine which I grew up with and it’s still a fascinating show to watch even today as well – plus this was the starting career for Debbie Ryan who plays Bailey in the series – she went on to play main character Jessie in the series Jessie (a review of that show is coming soon) and also went on to play a character in the Netflix series Insatiable

So if you’re looking to watch The Suite Life On Deck it’s available to watch now on Disney+ in the UK and worldwide (some countries may vary) thank you for reading this blog post and thank you for supporting my blogging website too I’ll be back tomorrow (15th Feb) with my next blog post review


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