SteveOfficial Reviews: Mickey Mouse Shorts

Hello and welcome back to my blogging posts here on the SteveOfficial website so recently I did a blog post about some of the binges that I have watched over the last 6 months or so and I did say that in some of the blog posts I have lined up I will be talking about and reviewing some of those binge watches that I have watched

In this blog post I will be talking and reviewing the show called Mickey Mouse shirts which is a series that’s available to watch on Disney+ right now in the UK and worldwide as well (some countries may vary).

I like to think that this is a really nice series despite the episodes being around 5-10 mins long they are literally *shorts* but they are very bite sized which is good and that’s a good thing about some of these shows that are shorts – they are quick and the storylines are resolved very easily and very quickly too

What I also like about this series is despite the episodes being short but the animation in this series is fantastic and the creators really do take the animation to all sorts of levels with this show which is also amazing – I really hope and pray that they release more episodes of those series on Disney+ over here in the UK because I for one would definitely give them a watch because they are short and the animation in this series is amazing

So this review is really short because of the fact that this series is quite short and you will find some blog posts that I do write on some of these shows I will be reviewing will be shorter than others but I do hope that this helps you guys out if you’re thinking about giving this series a watch


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