SteveOfficial Goes To Pizza School

Welcome to a new blog post, in this blog post I will be talking about an event which I recently went to along with Bournemouth Bloggers.

On Tuesday 14th May 2019 I met up with the Bournemouth Bloggers at 6:30pm as we attended an event at The Stable in Bournemouth (for those who don’t know where The Stable is in Bournemouth it’s located at the heart of Bournemouth Town Centre)

The Stable in Bournemouth are known for their Pizza, Pies and great tasting cider, at the event I got to have the chance of tasting some of their delicious cider myself and if you do ever visit this venue then I would definitely recommend that you give their cider a go yourself, I went for something really dark and fruity but they have all sorts of variety of coders to choose from, they do also serve other alcohol such as wine which is what most of the other Bloggers from the network went for

So on to the event itself and we was introduced to two chefs called Patrick and Charlie and they started off the session by giving us a run down as to what will happen during the session and they also introduced themselves to the Bloggers too!! It was really nice because we were given a dedicated area of the venue where the session was taking place and there was plenty of space for them to show us what they do and how they make their Pizzas

On to the next part of the session and first of all Patrick showed us how The Stable make their own sauce for the Pizza, the sauce that they make for the Pizza bases are all in house so they make it fresh every day

In this image here you can see that Patrick is pouring the tomato sauce into this huge pan, they normally cook this sauce together and it goes onto at least 370 pizzas for customers to enjoy

In the image above this is what the sauce looks like in the pan once all the ingredients are mixed together – we were also told that the middle of the pan was the central hot spot which speeds the cooking of the sauce up slightly

Next we were shown how the dough is made in The Stable and again like the sauce the dough is made in house and is fresh, to go through how the dough is made at The Stable Charlie took over the session from Patrick to explain how the dough is made – he started off by explaining how mixing normal yeast with their Sourdough starter which they call Gerry, and they also revealed they like to think of Gerry as a human as they need to keep Gerry fed regularly in order to keep alive – we also got to try the Sourdough starter which had a sour kick to it but it was really nice

The session took a break and it was time for the bloggers to have some nibbles which they laid out on the table nicely before the session started and whilst taking a break we also went to get another drink at the bar too!!!

As we returned back to the session it was time for the bloggers to get their hands dirty as we made our own pizzas

We was shown how to spread the sauce out on the Pizza base making sure that we left a thumbnail space at the end of the pizza dough otherwise it could have gone wrong when it came to cooking the pizza, we was also given a variety of topping to put on our pizza such as chicken, basil, mushrooms, chorizo and I was even told they offered pineapple too

This is what my pizza looked like before it was cooked, I decided to go for mushrooms, chorizo, cheese, onion and basil as my pizza topping

And this was the finished product once the pizza had cooked, the pizza didn’t take long to cook, I think the pizza may have taken between five to ten minutes before it was cooked but once the pizza was cooked we got to enjoy what we had made and I can say my pizza was absolutely delicious whilst finishing off my cider that I got at the bar

So if you’re looking for somewhere to go that’s different then you should totally check out The Stable in Bournemouth as they are known for their Pizza, Cider and Pies – it was also my first time in the venue myself and it was a really nice and positive vibe in the venue and the staff are really lovely!!!


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