SteveOfficial: Just Friends Movie Review

Welcome to this very classic movie review which is called Just Friends, can I just add that I watched this movie and basing on what the movies setting is like… I would like to think that this movie is actually a Christmas movie without it being realised as a Christmas movie… because the movie is set around the holidays when the present day of the movie begins… I actually never knew this movie could potentially be a Christmas movie it’s because it’s not actually on the official list of movies that you should watch at Christmas

Anyways moving away from Christmas because that’s still months away at the time of writing, and I recently watched this movie called Just Friends which stars Anna Friel, Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart

I know these actors such as Ryan Reynolds from previous movies I have watched such as Deadpool, 6 Underground which by the way I have recently reviewed on my blogging website (that you should definitely check out) and Detective Pikachu as well, I think I only have seen Amy Smart in one other movie as well as this and that’s Rat Race, and I know Anna Friel not only from this movie but also from the Scary Movie series and The House Bunny movie as well

So this movie is about a guy named Chris who has an attraction while he was at high school with his friend, but unfortunately she didn’t feel the same way back and wanted them both just to remain as friends, Chris goes away for a while and he ends up loosing all this weight and gets rid of his braces that he had while he was at high school and goes back to his hometown where his old school friend is to celebrate the holiday season, and tries his best to contain his feelings for her when he finds out that she’s in a new relationship

I really did enjoy this movie despite this movie actually having a Christmas vibe to it I would recommend my friends and family to watch this movie because it does have some hilarious scenes within the movie which I won’t spoil because I wouldn’t like to ruin any of the movie for those if you would like to see this for the first time for yourself, but can I also add ai cant believe how young looking Ryan Reynolds looks in this movie as well, but then again the movie was released in 2005

I managed to watch this movie through the streaming service Netflix so if you would like to watch this movie then it’s available when you’re ready to watch it


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