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Welcome to a review I never thought I would actually be talking about or even reviewing for my blogging website – but the reason why I am talking about this is because I have watched this show called Love Is Blind over on Netflix, now I don’t normally watch these types of programmes because I just think they are ridiculous and pathetic but, I watched the very first episode of this and was instantly hooked so I’m gonna talk about it here on my blogging website

So what is the show about? Well as my partner put it, it’s Love Island meets The Circle who h are two popular programmes here in the UL, one is on ITV2 and normally airs in the summer although they recently aired a winter version and the other airs on Channel 4 here in the UK, but this is an American based show all the contestants are American and they are all single looking for love

So these singletons, they do this experiment as they call it to see whether love truly is blind or not, what this experiment entails is the singletons go into a separate room, you have the female contestant on one side of the room and the male contestant on the other side of the room, can they see each other? No they can’t, can they hear each other’s voices? Yes they can because the only thing that’s keeping them apart and from seeing each other is a really thin wall

So this show does get weirder and weirder as it goes on because these contestants both male and female have to get to know each other by talking to each other through a thing wall, now the more they get to know each other the more they start to like each other and this is even without seeing what they look like at first too, so here’s the twist once the couple has spent a few days getting to know each other in what they call a “pod” either the male or female contestant gets down on one knee and proposes and asks them to marry him/her, and they all say yes, now here’s the thing the male or female contestant gets down on one knee, asks the male or female contestant whether they want to marry him/her they say yes of course but the problem is they still don’t know what either of them look like

So once the marriage proposal has been accepted the couple who have spent the last few days getting to know one another from a pod finally get to meet each other in person, they walk down the red carpet and come face to face, a lot of them have a happy reaction to meeting one another and are shell shocked at how handsome or beautiful one another are and how lucky they are to be with each other, the next question is do they kiss straight away after asking them to marry one another? Of course they do

So you see with this show they are hooking singletons up in order to help them find love again but are they finding love in terms of a relationship? No they are finding love in order to get married… so this is kind of like an arranged marriage type thing except it’s not your parents arranging the marriage it’s a reality TV show that’s arranging it

So of course once the contestants have finally met the one that they have asked to marry they go off to a holiday resort, it was at this point of the series that I thought I was watching an American version of Love Island, along the way the couples started to get to know each other better now that they have finally met their new fiancées, along the way their is drama for one couple which I won’t reveal who as I wanna keep the couples identity a secret just in case you decide to watch this series for yourself on Netflix but I can reveal the argument does escalate and they decide to split up and leave the show

So we get a few episodes in to the show and it’s time for the couples to meet each other’s parents, now you’d think that their parents would be really weirded out at the fact that their son or daughter has gone on to this reality TV show to find love which turns to be marriage straight away but the parents aren’t actually weirded out at all they are just happy to meet their son or daughters new fiancé, some of them have a bite to eat and get to know their son or daughters fiancé better that way, other couples just have a sit down and talk with their son or daughters new fiancé just to get to know them better

So of course as we get to a few episodes more into the show, we then see the groom and brides pick out their suits and wedding dresses, now this is then when I felt like I was just watching some fashion TV show, which again because I’m not one into the fashion type programming I wouldn’t think I would watch this episode but because I was completely hooked on this show I just had to watch it to see what happens

Not going to lie here though but the wedding dresses that the women were trying on were really nice and to be honest some of the suits that the guys were trying on too made them look really dapper and awesome

So once the wedding dresses and the suits were picked out by the men and the women it was time for the couples to get married, now all the couples did manage to walk down the aisle, some of the couples actually went through with the marriage whereas a few of the other couples didn’t go through with the marriage and to be Ionesco the ones that didn’t go through with it, I just found really awkward to watch especially as their friends and family watches on with the drama that’s happening at the ceremony

I won’t reveal which couples did get married and which didn’t as again I want to keep their identities a secret just in case you do decide to watch this series on Netflix but a week after the wedding special had aired on Netflix they did have an reunion special which took place one year after the weddings took place

So the weddings and the show itself must have been filmed in 2018 and the reunion show must have been filmed in 2019 in order for them to do the reunion show of course but they of course had an interview with all of the contestants as to why some of them didn’t go through with the marriage and what made some of the couples say to each other I do when they were down the aisle, they also caught up with the contestants to see what they are doing with their lives now and what impact the show had on them especially doing this experiment

So my thoughts on this show was it’s very addictive because once you have started with episode 1 of this show on Netflix you won’t be able to stop there is 11 episodes of this show currently available to stream on Netflix so ai would definitely recommend that you should sit down and watch this show

There is also talk of a UK version of Love Is Blind so whether or not there will be is yet to be seen but you know what if they decide to make a Season 2 of this American show on Netflix then yes I will sit down and watch it again and if they do decide to make a UK version of Love Is Blind and stream it on Netflix then yes again I would watch it because of how addictive the American version of this show was


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