SteveOfficial Reviews: Dolittle (2020) Movie Review

Welcome to another movie review for my blogging website SteveOfficial and in today’s movie review I’ll be sharing my thoughts and opinions on a movie that I recently went and saw at the cinema called Dolittle which stars Robert Downey Jr. as the titular character

So I’m gonna start with the actors you can’t expect to find in this movie and I’m not going to lie when the end credits began to roll, I saw some of the actors who started in this movie whether it was then lending their voices for the animals that John Dolittle talks to in the movie, or they play a certain character in the movie, so some of the stars you can expect include John Cena, Michael Sheen, Tom Holland, Octavia Spencer, Selena Gomez, Emma Thompson, Jim Broadbent and Antonio Banderas

Here’s a little fun fact for you about this movie, this is the first movie that Robert Downey Jr has come since leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Iron Man in Avengers Endgame

Now this movie is set in the 19th century and of course this movie is about a man called John Dolittle who is played by Robert Downey Jr and he is able to talk to animals and of course they understand what he talks to them about and these animals have the ability to talk back to them whether it’s a bear, goose, ostrich, tiger, ants, flies, dog, or even mice, they can all talk to Dolittle and he has the ability to talk back to them, that’s some gift that he has there that’s for sure

So the plot of this movie is about Dolittle who is out to save The Queen when she falls really ill, himself and his exotic animal friends must set out on an adventure to a mythical island to find the cure that can help The Queen get past this illness that she has

Now I’m not gonna lie this movie has been really badly reviewed by other critics and don’t worry this review isn’t heading down the same way because what I don’t understand is what’s wrong with this movie? Okay yes there is one problem that I had I thought that Robert Downey Jr’s character had some sort of Spanish accent on him but I was later corrected in thinking it wasn’t Spanish at all it’s a welsh accent that he has on him throughout this movie while playing this character and to be honest it’s a problem because it just doesn’t sound right but other than that, I didn’t see what the real problem is as to why it’s getting so much hate from the press and why the movie is proving to be so unpopular right now

I found this movie to be one of those movies that is fun for the family in fact fun for people of all ages to go and watch and not only that but it also has some really funny lines in the movie too and one character to watch out for throughout the movie who I think has the most funniest lines is Kevin the Squirrel I really think he stole the show throughout the movie without a doubt

So would I recommend this movie to friends and family? Well yes of course because like I said earlier in this blog this movie is ideal for people of all ages who want to watch something thats fun and entertaining for an hour and a half too

If you would like to watch Dolittle, it is available to book at your local cinema now


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