SteveOfficial Reviews: The Pet Shop Boys – Hotspot Album Review

Welcome to another album review from me SteveOfficial, today’s album review blog post that I am writing about is The Pet Shop Boys with Hotspot

Now I’ll be honest in this review here with you I’m actually reviewing this album while I am listening to the album itself which is what I have been doing with the last few reviews that I have done I’ve been listening to the albums whilst writing out these reviews for my blogging website, so let’s start off with the track listing from this album because this album has a total of 10 tracks so let’s have a look at what you can expect to hear when listening to this album

– Will-o-the-wisp

– You are the one

– Happy people

– Dreamland (featuring Years & Years)

– Hoping for a miracle

– I don’t wanna

– Monkey business

– Only the dark

– Burning the heather

– Wedding in Berlin

So those are the 10 tracks you can expect on the album – and those 10 tracks makes it a total of 42 minutes of pure amazing music through your ears as well

In the next few paragraphs of this blog post like most of the album reviews I have done over the last week I will reveal some of the songs from this album that I love listening to

So let’s start with the first track that I love listening to on the album which is actually the first track because the thing with The Pet Shop Boys is the way they sound on this album makes me feel like I’m back in the 80s (and I wasn’t even born in the 80s) but the first track on the album that I love listening to like I say is the first track of the album called Will-o-the-wisp, it’s just such a good song and it really gets you in the mood to party already it just makes the song sound like it’s gonna be one of those anthem types of album, an album where the rhythm is just gonna keep you moving, this song makes you just wanna get up and dance and just party the night away or day away

The second track that I love listening to on this album is called Happy people, it’s just so catchy and so so good, I can tell that this song is just gonna be stuck in my head after listening to it a few times

The third track that I love listening to on this album is called Dreamland now with this song The Pet Shop Boys teamed up with Years & Years to write this song and perform this song with them as well, again just like Happy people this song is so catchy and I can tell that I just wanna play this track over and over again on a playlist or something

The fourth track that I love listening to on this album is called Monkey business because it’s just so funky, so groovy and so catchy (a lot of the songs on this album is very catchy as you can tell already) but this track on the album, is just screaming party and dancing to me, because it’s just like I say so funky and groovy, proper good tune I think, don’t think I’ll be able to stop listening to this track to be honest

So there’s my review of The Pet Shop Boys brand new album called Hotspot which you can purchase on CD in all good retailers and you can also purchase this album through iTunes and Google Play Music, or stream the album via Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music & YouTube Music


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