SteveOfficial: Fun With Dick And Jane Movie Review

Welcome to the next movie review that I have for you guys – this is the Fun With Dick And Jane movie review on my blogging website – this movie stars Jim Carrey (who I have been watching a lot of lately as you can tell if you a are a regular follower of my blogs) and it’s a movie that I have been watching on Netflix

The movie is about Dick And Jane who both lose their very rich paying jobs so they resort to desperate measures to keep their family from hitting rock bottom such as stealing money from banks

I really did enjoy this movie – I just admit that there is a few funny scenes in this movie, just like when Jim Carrey’s Dick ends up holding the dogs electric collar and gets shocked from it – I also enjoyed the scene where he is in the lift at his workplace and you hear the elevator music is the sound of I Believe I Can Fly and he starts singing that in the elevator while it’s going up – I also love the scene where Dick goes for a job interview and ends up trying to stall the rest of the interviewees that are going for the same job as him by racing them up the stairs at the place where he’s getting an interview – those are just some of the scenes that I found funny in the movie and there are plenty more that I could tell you but I wouldn’t like to spoil the movie for those who like me have never seen the movie before

So like I said earlier in this blog if you would like to watch the movie Fun With Dick And Jane, you can watch it via Netflix – it’s available to watch now


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