SteveOfficial Reviews: 1917 Movie Review

Hello blog readers and welcome to another review on my website SteveOfficial – I have over the next few days got some movies lined up which will be getting the reviewing treatment by me such as Bad Boys For Life, The Grudge (2020) and The Turning but first of all I want to talk about the movie 1917 that I went to see at the cinema recently

So I’ll start off by talking about the movie itself and what it’s about, now honestly I didn’t think I would watch this movie because well it’s a war movie and I’m not one to really sit through war movies but you know what I’m really glad that I actually did go and see this movie because it’s such an emotional movie and one that really tugs on the heartstrings at the end

The movie 1917 is based in… you guessed it… 1917 during the war, I will give this away, the director Sam Mendes who directed James Bonds Skyfall a few years ago, tells us this story but this movie is based on events that he has heard or read by his grandfather who believe it or not was in the war in 1917

You see this is what makes the story even more fitting because it’s based on something that may have happened all those years ago in the war, and I will also say this the actors who play the characters in the movie are absolutely fantastic they gave some incredible performances and the special effects that they used as well was also phenomenal

At the time of writing this blog it is January and it is movie award season and I have a very good feeling that this movie will be going up to pick up some really big awards, the other good thing is, is although I’m reviewing this movie in my blog now but before I went and saw this movie I had heard a lot of positive things about the movie from friends and work colleagues

There is one other thing I wanna point out with this movie and that’s the camera work because the camera work was insanely fantastic, what the director did with this movie was that he made this movie to look like it was taken all in one take, you could see everything on screen going on as the camera just kept rolling and looking at the these characters that we see on screen all the time throughout the movie so the action is there but it’s going on in the background and I thought again that was really fantastic and I loved what Sam Mendes did with that

I was also really surprised to see that Benedict Cumberbatch also played a character in this movie now I went to see this movie with a friend at the cinema and in fact when we left the cinema and on our way home she told me that Benedict Cumberbatch has appeared in war movies before and he has portrayed characters perfectly now I couldn’t really agree with this because obviously 1917 is the first war movie and it might not be the last that I have seen but again, what I can agree on is that when I watched him portray this character on screen during the movie I did think he played the character really well

So those are my thoughts and opinions on the movie 1917 which is available to watch at your local cinema today so please give it a watch it has tonnes of positive reviews and like I say this movie is going to be up for some serious well known awards


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