SteveOfficial: Truth Or Dare Movie Review

Welcome to the next movie review of a movie that I have watched recently, I am very surprised that I have never seen this movie before because it’s been out for a couple of years now and I never knew the production company behind this movie was Blumhouse

As you may or may not know already but Blumhouse Productions is one of my favourite productions that makes movies, they have made Happy Death Day, Halloween, Get Out, The Invisible Man, Ma, The Hunt and Fantasy Island, and this movie was once again another amazing movie made by Blumhouse

This movie actually features someone very familiar, Lucy Hale, Lucy Hale starred in the movie Fantasy Island which I saw at the cinema and reviewed on my blog earlier this year, and once again she plays the lead role in this movie like she did in Fantasy Island

The movie starts off with this really cool stunt after this woman is dared to set this customer in a little shop on fire and so she does this, before she does though she apologises to the woman who’s about to become victim in this game and then sets her on fire, so that’s how the movie starts

The movie is in a way a little creepy the way the group of friends gets asked “Truth or Dare” by other characters around them, their creepy eyes and very stretched out smiles as one of the characters said in the movie “they look like some messed up Snapchat filter” which is only the best way to describe them

This is such a fantastic movie and it is in ways very graphic but then again this is Blumhouse and the thing with Blumhouse is when they make horror movies like this when people get injured they show very graphic details of their injuries which is pretty awesome and at the same time a little creepy

So I would definitely recommend giving this a watch as a matter of fact you can watch this if you do have a Netflix account because it’s available to stream on Netflix, it’s actually a directors cut of the movie which is even better


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