SteveOfficial: Happy New Year 2019


Welcome to another year!!! That’s right we are OFFICIALLY in 2019!!! I just want to reflect on the last year with you guys, so 2018 taught me so many lessons and I also was involved in a long distance relationship which started from February 2018 and sadly come to an end in December 2018 – But I really did enjoy being in the relationship and I really did love the times when I got to spend time with her and all I can do now is wish her the best of luck and hope she finds the right guy for her.

2018 was also the year that I met the wonderful Bournemouth Bloggers group – I feel like I fit in with those guys and the reason being his because like me they are all bloggers and they have a huge interest win social media – a lot of the bloggers that I have met are active just like me on social media like Twitter and Instagram. Even though by the end of 2018 I only went to three events with Bournemouth Bloggers and during those three events that I went to I met some amazing people who I think I will strike up a few strong friendships with – I have a good feeling that this year I will be going to a lot more events with the guys at Bournemouth Bloggers and I cannot wait to see what events are coming up throughout this year for me to blog about.

2018 was also the year that I fully came back to social media, I deleted my Facebook account back in December 2017 after being trolled on the internet and I insisted that I would never return to Facebook again, this was until June 2018 when I reluctantly agreed to return to Facebook and the reason was because I was missing out on a lot of what my friends past and present were saying and what their views were on todays society and what they are doing in life as well, so it was good to return to Facebook after having 7 months away from the social media giant feeling fully refreshed and what with it being the longest that I have ever gone without using Facebook since I joined the social media site in 2010 – I couldn’t say no to returning back to Facebook again.

In other social media related news, 2018 was the year that I returned to YouTube after going on hiatus, whilst returning to YouTube I decided to make a brand new channel under the name SteveOfficial, which is now proving to be a popular hit with the people that watch my Weekly Vlogs, but when I first started my YouTube channel back in April 2018, it was just purely movie reviews and experiencing new food and drinks that I have never tried before to entertain the small amount of subscribers that I had back then. I then decided to do daily Vlogs for a little while from May 2018, while this was proving to be a daily struggle to do the daily Vlogs and edit them and upload them to my channel at the end of every day I then sat back and thought instead of going daily Vlogs I should instead be doing Weekly Vlogs, which is what I decided to do from June 2018, since June 2018 I did 25 Weekly Vlogs which were absolutely amazing to record for the people that enjoyed watching them – every week I was getting tons of feedback from the viewers watching them and also I have received some positive reactions from the viewers who have subscribed to my channel telling me that they watch my videos every week and even some of the Bournemouth Bloggers (you know who you are) have started watching my Weekly Vlogs every week as well. At the end of 2018 I was deeply saddened and made the heartbreaking decision to delete the 25 Weekly Vlogs from my YouTube that I did in the year due to personal reasons that I will not go into on the blog, but don’t worry though because this year in 2019 my Weekly Vlogs are returning and they are gonna ab e bigger and better than last year and that is a promise!! I really cannot wait to show you guys what I have in store this year for the Weekly Vlogs so if youre not yet subscribed to my channel on YouTube then please subscribe to my channel, its called `SteveOfficial and I have so far achieved over 300 subscribers on the channel which to me is a massive achievement because the channel I had before only had 200 subscribers so my new channel SteveOfficial is growing fast.

2018 was also the year that I got my dream animal, I brought two beautiful Chinchillas named Lily and Lola in February 2018, and I absolutely love them to pieces and also have found them very entertaining. and very intelligent animals to have, if youre interested in purchasing a Chinchilla at some stage in the future I totally recommend them even though they are nocturnal animals and they tend to sleep through the day but they do enjoy human company and they are very soft animals.

The last thing to happen in 2018 was of course my move from one Tesco store to another Tesco store, so I spent the first year and a half working for a Tesco store in Branksome, Poole and it was really good, the staff there are really friendly and so are the customers but I made the decision in October 2018 that I would be leaving the store and transferring to a new one which was a lot closer to home and even though its a really big store (to me it is anyways) again its a really lovely store to work in and again the staff in the store are really friendly and have been very welcoming to me as well.

So while that was everything that happened in 2018, I am now looking ahead and forward to what 2019 holds because I have a lot of plans for 2019:

The first plan of 2019 is travelling now when I say the word travelling I don’t mean go and travel the world or anything like that (purely because I don’t have the money to do that} but I mean travel to some new places around the local area such as Weymouth, Southampton, Heightsbury Head, Sandbanks and Salisbury, the reason why I wanna go to these places is not just because then I can do a blog post for you guys to read but also so that I can explore the area and also put some parts of my adventures into my Weekly Vlogs as well so then I am not doing the same thing week in and week out because I feel as though doing the same thing in a Vlog week in and week out will become too tiring for the viewers to be watching and I want to keep the Vlogs as fresh as I possibly can

The second plan for 2019 is going on a night out – I will admit it now I am a guy who spends half of his life in his room all day trying to entertain myself by watching moves on Netflix, checking social media and also listening to music but 2019 I wanna do less of that and more going out and socialising with people I have never met before whether its at a bar or in a nightclub, I do want to get out more in 2019 and meet some more amazing new people and hopefully build some new friendships with them – going out with Bournemouth Bloggers will help me to become more confident with going out and meeting new people so I am hoping that by the end of the year I can fully be able to go and meet people and talk to them without being too socially uncomfortable and awkward to be around

The third and final plan for me in 2019 is Family – Throughout 2019 I want to have more contact and visit my family embers such as my grandad and my uncle and that side of the family pretty much because the last time I saw them was in 2016 which was nearly three years ago now and I feel as though that because over the last three years I have let social media and work get in the way that I should spend a lot of time with my family throughout 2019 of course I will still be seeing my brother and my nephews every few weeks throughout 2019 but its the other side of my family like my grandad and my uncle that I wanna see a lot more of in 2019 so hopefully we will be able to arrange something sometime in the near future

So those are the three plans that I would like to achieve in 2019, thank you for reading this blog post and of course throughout 2019 I will be featuring a lot more blog posts such as music reviews, movie reviews and I will be blogging more events that I attend with Bournemouth Bloggers and will also be blogging about new places that I explore throughout 2019 too!!!


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