SteveOfficial: Brahms: The Boy II Movie Review

Welcome to the next movie review that I have written for you all – it’s a movie that J wanted to see in the cinemas before what’s been going on in the world at the time of writing this but never got the chance to do that – this is the movie review for Brahms: The Boy II

So like I said I wanted to see this movie in the cinemas when it was released right at the start of the year but the problem was that the movie was on really late at night in the cinemas and I couldn’t really go to the showings late at night because of work commitments

But I have recently managed to watch this movie now can I just add that you can purchase this movie either to buy or rent on places like iTunes, Sky Store and Amazon as well, so of you would like to watch this then those are the paces you can go to watch this movie

I watched then first movie at the start of this year before this movie was released at the cinema and it was pretty good the first movie I did enjoy watching it so what did I think of the sequel?

Well a lot of film reviewers had gone to see this movie, and they said at the time that the movie wasn’t as good as the first one now for me this movie did have its good moments, rather mysterious in some places, making you want to know more, and it wasn’t really that predictable in some places as to what you think happens next in the movie

I’ll admit the movie does have its moments but I don’t think it will beat the first movie, because the first movie in my opinion was a lot better than the second one that I saw recently, but I did still enjoy this movie

So would I recommend watching this movie to friends and family? Well of course because if you are into your horror movies especially doll horror movies that has paranormal activities in or likes to play mind games with characters then yeah I would recommend this movie to friends and family who are into those types of movies


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