SteveOfficial Reviews: The Grudge (2020) Movie Review

Hello guys and welcome to February and I’m starting this month off by doing another movie review here on SteveOfficial – the movie that I will be reviewing today is for The Grudge (2020) which I went and saw at the cinema earlier this week (at the time of writing this blog) so let’s delve deeper into the review

Now this isn’t an original movie, this is what film reviewer Mark Kermode called a “sidequal” because a movie like The Grudge has been done before I will admit I went into the cinema not knowing what to expect from this movie because I have never seen the original movies that came out in the early 2000s but I think now that I have gone to see this movie well I think I should sit down at some point and watch the originals

The movie itself I thought was fantastic and just hearing what other people’s thoughts in the cinema was as they were leaving this movie was a talking point for them too as they thought the movie was quite scary after all this movie is a horror movie that is filled with gore and violence, but a lot of people did enjoy what they watched on the big screen for the hour and a half that it was on for

There is another thing which I will admit that Mark Kermode who’s a film reviewer has also said that was right… the movie has this thing where it does go dark, dark, dark, scary…. THERE’S A FACE…. dark, dark, dark, scary, JUMPY SCENE…. because there are some parts of the movie that will make you jump out of your skin, I will admit there were a couple of scenes in this movie that I wasn’t expecting which did make me jump out of my seat

What I also loved about the movie is the very eery soundtrack that they used for this movie and the fact that there were a couple of scenes that just felt like a proper classic horror movie where there is no music or anything like that all you can hear is the sound of the characters breath on screen, that to me makes this a true and proper horror movie

I also loved the fact that with this movie it was set in 2004,2005 and 2006, they kept doing these little flashbacks or flash forwards whatever way you wanted to see it as but I think that does pay a little homage to the original movies which were made in the early 2000s, I just think it was a nice touch

The ending has got a really huge twist I’m not going to give anything away but something really big happens on screen at the very last minute of the movie and then the credits roll in silence, I just think it was a really nice touch to the movie especially as I was leaving the cinema, I don’t know why it just had a little tension a little more darmaticness to the end of the movie as well

So that’s my thoughts of the movie The Grudge 2020, please go and check this movie out as it’s available to watch at your local cinema today!!!


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