SteveOfficial: Bad Teacher Movie Review

Here’s the next movie review on my blogging website called Bad Teacher – this is the next movie that you can find and have the ability to watch on streaming service Netflix anytime

The movie features Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz – two very well known people of course what with Justin Timberlake being a very talented person with his acting skills and his singing skills as well

Cameron Diaz is amazing in this movie about a teacher who really doesn’t give a care in the world about her students at the school that she works at and is always plotting against her co-workers to get things her way which is really fun to watch on screen

The movie is a comedy so I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a good comedy movie to watch despite this being released in 2011, it’s an old movie but it’s a classic and it’s only taken me up to now to give this movie a watch – I have heard of this movie before but just never had the chance to watch it up until now

There is kind of a sub plot to this movie as well because although the teacher that Cameron Diaz plays in this movie is a teacher who doesn’t give a care in the world about the school children she deals with every day but she also dreams of having bigger boobs and is determined to find a way of getting her dream goal (I never thought I would be typing that into a blog post ever and now I have)

So the movie is great and the actors are great and I would definitely recommend this movie to like I said earlier in the blog anyone who’s stuck for something to watch and wants to watch a comedy movie on Netflix because this one is a classic


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